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Peoria Brewing Company Show


Todd and Christian host us again!  The brewery is revisited after getting up and going!  Groucho and CHUD visited with Todd and Christian 9 months ago when the old paint store building was just a cold warehouse covered in dust.  Today, we go back on a “Mug Club” day to find a production brewery filled with people, music and food on the patio.  What a transformation!  The show is long, I realize that, but we do get into a lot of brewery business items at all times during the show, and I felt like it was not easily cut.  Remind me to do 2 shows next time!

Apologies ahead of time…  Todd was on a different Microphone and over-modulated to start the show.  (Groucho forgot the 4th mic)  It gets better a few minutes in.  Its like herding cats when you do a podcast with 4 people!

  1. Groucho and CHUD do some but kissing!
  2. Criticism? How do you deal with that?
  3. Stevie Nicks talk leads into Kim Deal, leads into CB talk!
  4. Craftbeer Week 2015?
  5. Mainstream beer philosophy.  Session ales abound.
  6. Whats popped up that you didn’t expect?
  7. Managing a bar?
  8. CHUD’s pirate management book.  Publishing soon!
  9. Janet Jackson?
  10. The hours worked…. Biggest surprise.
  11. Todd is not trusted to run the “till”.
  12. Adam praise!
  13. Rothgar infamy beer.
  14. Sharing the experience makes the beer better.
  15. Todd is always sick!
  16. Pink Eye Saison.  Scott Bayo Saison?
  17. We control our own destiny!  Everyday you work in a brewery is a good day!
  18. Road show!
  19. Brains and Brawn!
  20. Where does the Rock Island Trail go?
  21. Are you happy you are on Pioneer Park?
  22. Mug Club!
  23. Beer as a business.  Brewers Distributing.
  24. Ran?  Sorry… Thought they were bikers!
  25. Rothgar commentary!
  26. Hefe!  They have a Hefeweizen!
  27. Josh Lanning and the beer dinner at the Fox Pub.  Marrow!!!
  28. THE FUTURE:  What does it hold for PBC?
  29. This summer…  Bands!  Madison Ward and the Momma Bear.  Belly Dancers.  Yoga and a flight!
  30. The Golf Room.
  31. Peoria Brewing smack talk.
  32. Food?  Its in the future for the bar.
  33. There are a few Mug Club spots open right now!  You get:  Shirt, new beers, copper mug, special bi annual events.
  34. “Dale”!  The PBC equivalent of Norm.
  35. What happens at PBC, stays at PBC!

Find Peoria Brewing Company beers at any fine drinking establishment with great beers on tap in the middle of Illinois!  Seek them out!


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