2016 Peoria Beerfest VIP Tent Confessional

This was a great idea that we came up with for the 2016 Jaycee’s Peoria International Beerfest.

The introduction of The Beer Report Beerfest “Confessional”. All we asked is that VIP attendees stopped by and shared who they were and what beers they loved. Here are the results.

Future improvements:

  1. An actual booth? The noise pollution was almost unbearable. A small PVC framed booth with a cloth exterior might make this easier on the ears.
  2. Tighter framing. I zoomed the frame in during post… The only reason its not tighter was because of the short gal and Gene’s Vanilla Ice shirt… I had to make sure people saw that awesomeness!
  3. A warning light.  We had some people use the camera when the memory card was full.  The Go-Pro light would not have been flashing at that time, and I wish I would have been told before I noticed it myself.  Live and learn!!!

Otherwise…  This was totally fun.  We need to copyright and patent this thing for a mobile beerfest activity.

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