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2016 Peoria Beerfest VIP Tent Confessional

This was a great idea that we came up with for the 2016 Jaycee’s Peoria International Beerfest.

The introduction of The Beer Report Beerfest “Confessional”. All we asked is that VIP attendees stopped by and shared who they were and what beers they loved. Here are the results.

Future improvements:

  1. An actual booth? The noise pollution was almost unbearable. A small PVC framed booth with a cloth exterior might make this easier on the ears.
  2. Tighter framing. I zoomed the frame in during post… The only reason its not tighter was because of the short gal and Gene’s Vanilla Ice shirt… I had to make sure people saw that awesomeness!
  3. A warning light.  We had some people use the camera when the memory card was full.  The Go-Pro light would not have been flashing at that time, and I wish I would have been told before I noticed it myself.  Live and learn!!!

Otherwise…  This was totally fun.  We need to copyright and patent this thing for a mobile beerfest activity.

TBR Special Edition – Animal Story


Call this our little tribute to Ole Uncle Lare…  With the passing of Larry Lujack, a big slice of Chicago radio history has come to an end.

We had recorded this segment back in 2005…  I think we may have shared it on the old “Confrontation Board”.  It was a one off segment that Groucho thought would be fun to record.  Surely it was fueled with lots of beer.  The audio is crappy, so, don’t get your hopes up!


TBR Replay – TBR 11 IPA vs Sailor Jerry

Originally released June 2006, you be the judge if this show gets better or worse with age! Enjoy this nugget from the past while Groucho and CHUD work on some new material… And try to catch up on some beers!!!

Original Post:

Ahoy there!

The Beer Report makes an attempt at an IPA show, in honor of the boys from Clarkehead… Unfortunately, Sailor Jerry comes to port in Pekin, and begins to plunder the Beer Report Studios.

Beware, Groucho’s wheels were lubricated, and the F-Bomb count gets rolling hard and fast during this show. It had occurred to me to edit this all out, but that is not the spirit of TBR.

Beers on the broadcast this week: Great Divide Titan IPA, New Holland Brewing Company’s Madhatter and Ale Smith IPA.

  • Podcasters Beware! CHUD levels a rant against 99.9999% of the Podcast community.
  • Brazil, get a language!
  • Super Liquors serves free booze on check-out!
  • Heavy ass kissing of the ClarkeHead gang.
  • CHUD’s kinda woman is described in detail!
  • Sailor Jerry gets a courtesy pour while the boys are still recording and you get to hear a condensed version of what happened over the next hour. This extra content helps this show ring in at a healthy 43 minutes!

Great Divide purchased at Super Liquors in Peoria. Madhatter gifted to the show by fan “Irish”. Ale Smith gifted by the Clarkehead gang. Thanks to all our fans for the support!!!