Over the years we have leaned on one song over and over for our intro.  “Drunk and in Love” is not the same song sung by Beyonce.  No, we picked a band that Groucho and CHUD have loved forever!  Too Much Joy.

Back in the ’80s…  Groucho watched a video on 120 minutes for a little-known band from NY.  It might have been one of the handful of times that “Making Fun of Bums” was played on MTV!

Since that time…  We have become huge fans of TMJ.  Even traveling to the Knitting Factory in NYC for their 20 Year anniversary show a decade ago!

We are fans…  Got it?

Groucho reached out to lead singer and de facto band leader Tim Quirk back in the late 2000s and asked him if we could use his song for our podcast.  His exact response was “Sure, let me know when you have made your first million.”  We are still working on the monetary rewards.  Even considering all the freebies, if we made 10 bucks… I’d be shocked!

Links to the band:



Links to all things TMJ and Tim Quirk:

Here is a link to the full song on YouTube.  Enjoy!