Drunk at the Movies – National Lampoons Vacation

Groucho packs up the family “truckster” and heads over to “The Voice’s” house for another session of classic John Hughes movie viewing nonssense with his buddy Daryl.

This time we are watching the family classic with Chevy Chase… And we have to wonder if its aged well at all.  Is there a reason Chevy has not had a career over the past two decades?  We may have cracked the case in this ep…

Dustin welcomes his old friends Groucho & Daryl from Throwin Wrenches back to show which can only mean one thing; time for a John Hughes movie. We are watching a summer vacation classic, National Lampoon’s Vacation. Join us as we drink some craft beers and talk all about a variety of topics during the movie, and we encourage you to do the same, especially with some beer from our sponsor Bearded Owl Brewing. This week we enjoy the new collabo beer with Wake Brewing, Demon Cleaner. Try it today at Bearded Owl, 112 State St in Peoria, IL.

We also feature some music from our Bands of the Week, MxPx & The Dahlmanns. If you like what you hear, or if you have a movie suggestion, be sure to send feedback to drunkenlullabiespodcast@yahoo.com and Rate, Review, & Subscribe so you never miss an episode.




TBR 99 – Flatpack and Barley Wine

Oh the humanity!  Groucho and CHUD made this show a few months ago thinking they were being smug and throwing out a few new shows early into 2019…  Well, its the 8th month of 2019 and we are just getting this one out!

We suck.  We know it and dont really give a squirt.  It is what it is…  Shows when we feel like putting them out.  Actually…  Who are we fooling, CHUD has never produced more than one show…  Its all Grouchos fault!

Anywho…  We follow up Roth vs Rollins and bang out this show with a Hog Heaven Barley Wine to see if our flavor receptors have changed over the past 15 years of the show.  If you have been around long enough, you will know we bashed the crap out of this beer eons ago when we were teenagers starting the show!

Along the way we talk about being aging hipsters and what will be the next trend worth investing in?  We stumble into it… So dont get too excited watching where we wander.

Enjoy!  Thanks for listening!  We might get another one or two out this year!!!



TBR 98 – Rollins vs Roth

Sometimes you just need to stop by the Chud’s and make a show…  A surprise beer from our cousin, The Doctor, was a good enough reason for us.

On this show…

  1. Groucho is too low on the Mic…  Sorry!
  2. We solve one of the greatest mysteries of our time…  Who is Henry Rollin’s ultimate foil…  We have decided that it must be David Lee Roth.  They were both on Joe Rogan in recent history, and it drew Groucho to re-listen to Joe’s interview with Henry Rollin’s after hearing Roth.  They are the same brand of crazy…  Its awesome, inspiring and scary!
  3. There is a lot more than this… But you’ll just have to listen.

Oh, and yeah… This should be ep 97… But 97 is laying on the cutting room floor as this one is being pushed out sooner.  We will release 97 sooner than later.

Beer on the show…  Apple Cider Donut Sour IPA by Hudson Valley Brewing Company in a Crowler.  Seek it out!


DATM – Uncle Buck

Groucho, Daryl and Dustin sit down for another Drunken Lullabies movie production… Again… We are hard at work ruining your favorite John Hughes movies!  This time, its everyone’s favorite…  Uncle Buck.  Enjoy!

Dustin invites the John Hughes Dream Team back to pay tribute to John Candy as we watch Uncle Buck. Daryl & Groucho form the Throwing Wrenches Podcast are back after a 6 month absence, so there’s plenty to catch up on. Join us as we drink some craft beers and talk all about a variety of topics during the movie, and we encourage you to do the same, especially with some beer from our sponsor Bearded Owl Brewing. This week we enjoy some Who’s Your Dunkle, as well as some other assorted craft beers. Try it today at Bearded Owl, 112 State St in Peoria, IL.

We also feature some music from our Bands of the Week, Huntingtons and The Stereo. If you like what you hear, or if you have a movie suggestion, be sure to send feedback to drunkenlullabiespodcast@yahoo.com and Rate, Review, & Subscribe so you never miss an episode.


TBR 96 – 2018 Sendoff

Its only 2 months since we recorded last… Groucho and CHUD did sit down for an epic drink at the end of December. Here are the results of that! (Yes, this show should have been released in January! It required editing… Grouchos least favorite thing to do!)

Beers on the show: Higher Math by Dogfishhead Brewing, Goose Island Bourbon County 2010 (bottle 1944)

On the show:

  • Jazz and George Clinton Beer?
  • Groucho has cheated on the CHUD
  • We solved the craft beer issue in Central Illinois! Your welcome!
  • Shout out to “Pints and Provisions”… Another Peoria Beer Podcast
  • Reminiscing about The Good Beer Show and JeffryT.
  • Heineken has parallels to The Ford Assembly Line
  • Peoria Beer Nerd drama?
  • The Cubicle of Death – CHUD’s secret Facebook group about Death Metal.
  • CHUD lost the riddle of steel!
  • Anyone have an Alexa in their house… Good for you!
  • We have a million dollar idea. The Phone Box!
  • Its hard to dump a body these days!
  • Russians are Missourians at heart!
  • We used the R word… Sorry.
  • Living in the trees of California… Thats plumb crazy!
  • Deer wasting disease.
  • Dadding with a Teenage daughter? Groucho Laments! Podcast Dads, Jeff and Spoon… I can be your icebreaker.
  • Uber and Drugs.
  • Its not my birthday. TMBG gag when we had CD players.
  • Groucho beats down the telemarketers. Its a moral choice!
  • CHUD almost starts a rant about racism… Socialism… God knows what!
  • Bubble bath??? Text from the CHUDLETTE
  • Bath Salts! A nine dollar bath????
  • Petcentric?
  • Best Beer Ever??? CHUD declares that Bourbon County as a title contender!

Feedback? Bah…. We dont care! Thanks for listening!

TBR Rerun – Chistmas 2011

Epic long show!  80 minutes…  Savor it until 2012!  CHUD swings by to record one more show before the end of the year.  Grab a few and listen in while we listen to some Christmas music and drink some amazing beer!

Another Classic from the TBR Vault… Enjoy this classic Christmas Edition Beer Report with a loved one… And see if you are still loved by the end? Cheers, Groucho & CHUD

Beers on the show:  Newcastle Winter IPA, 3 Floyds 2007 Behemoth, Dalton Brewing Cerberus Russian Imperial Stout  2011.

On the show:

  1. Classic Everclear Channel – CHUDco Christmas record advertisement.
  2. Holiday show miss-start…  Where is Dino?
  3. Newcastle PR firm and creating buzz.
  4. Sailor Jerry and Newcastle Brown = The Castle Jerry boilermaker
  5. Hoopmaster is MIA.
  6. Love for the Newcastle and how this beer works when are sitting in the current English pub.
  7. Kudos to you CHUD.
  8. Beer Advocate event visited by Groucho at Kellehers in Peoria.  The Beer Report’s beers did pretty decent.
  9. Apology to the entire population of Russia for the last show and our support of Vlad Putin.
  10. Screw aging the beers!
  11. DeStihl (Normal) on New Years Eve?
  12. Homebrewing love.
  13. Tried that beer yet Kevin?  Go Seahawks!
  14. Lets get back to O’Fallon Brewery to deliver some beer!
  15. Stone Beer Fest 2012???
  16. Zombie Christmas.
  17. Zombies Suck now!
  18. Chinese Vampire generation.
  19. Euro has got to crash!!!
  20. We need a new planet to exploit.
  21. No sympathy for the 99%.  Look around the rest of the world!
  22. Last Star Fighter reference…  Kudos to those who knew that one!
  23. Hipster Christmas albums.
  24. Dino…  The king of Cool.
  25. Bonus Beer Bob…  He’s metal, and his stories ARE better than yours…  And he DID do all that cool stuff!  The most interesting man in the world!
  26. CHUD gives Bob’s beer the re-verb lead-in.
  27. Chocolate Velvet Cake beer?
  28. Homebrewing is like underground black-metal tapes.
  29. Christmas movies.  Muppets are commies.
  30. Beer Safari Christmas Videos…  Remember when???
  31. Don’t go throwing Port wine around hoping to make a decent beer!
  32. TBR toastes Jimmy Carter!
  33. Trans Siberian Transexuals.
  34. The Killers, Hot Fuss.
  35. THANK YOU!  Toast to 2012 and many thanks to our listening public!

Christmas music on the show by She & Him, Sufjan Stevens, Bowling for Soup, Dean Martin, Slow Club, 3 Redneck Tenors, They Might be Giants,  The Killers.

Christmas Rerun – 2010 Homeless Hoopmaster

Another fine re-run is here for your enjoyment… This time with our favorite 3rd wheel… The Homeless Hoopmaster.  This guy is a hoot.  Have fun listening to this one.  

 Just in time for the Holidays!  The Homeless Hoopmaster revisits Pekin Beer Report Studio for a friendly visit that soon turns to trying to find a decent beer from Kentucky.  Sorry Kentucky if you are reading this… But the examples of beer on the show did not serve the state well!  Which is sad, we had high hopes for the BBC brews after having some good special editions beers in years past.  But, then again, with bad beers, come lots of non-beer conversations.  Notably…  CHUD is very upset about current TSA screening processes.  So, if you want some timely conspiracy talk mixed with your beercast…  Tune in!

Segue city!!!  The longer is goes…  The more abrupt this interruptions!  Hoops has mad conversation skills!

Side note:  Hoops keeps grinding on the table with his beer!  Sorry for the pounding you hear all over the show.  Next time he gets a boom mic!  Groucho, the producer should have caught that while recording…  But Hoops is an energy that is hard to contain!

Beers on this show: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Twang Beer Salt, Bluegrass Brewing Company Amber Ale, Alltech Lexington Brewing Company’s Kentucky Ale, Bourbon Kentucky Ale, O’Fallon Wee Heavy, Shorts Huma-Lupa-Licious, Arbor Brewing Sacred Cow IPA, BBC American Pale Ale

On the show:

  • Twang!  www.twang.com
  • The Pride of Peoria burns to the ground… and Hoops was there to see it!
  • Shakes the Clown
  • What is the value of the salt in beer?   Redneck Corona?
  • Neanderthal children.
  • The “Pitch Bucket” returns!  Stolen from www.goodbeershow.com
  • The Twang settles!
  • Check out the new www.thebeerreport.com!  Beer and Music reviews from CHUD!
  • Louisville.
  • CHUD:  Music boundaries are gone.
  • Kids cant get away with anything with social networks following them around!
  • CHUD’s TSA rant gets sidetracked.
  • Muffin beer gets dumped!
  • Rapiscan rant gets started again by CHUD.  (Sure to get us on some kind of government list)
  • Tranny man-face beer!
  • Aging a growler
  • Ferris Bueller tangent.
  • Hoops guilt’s CHUD hard about not being invited to the Wedding.
  • Shout outs for having awesome 3 Floyds and O’Fallon Beer at the Wedding.
  • CHUD requests that O’Fallon add Chinook Hops to all 5 Day IPA’s.  As a matter of fact…  He challenges O’Fallon to do a special batch and call it “CHUD Sauce”
  • http://ofallonbrewery.com/
  • Contamination of the “Pitch Bucket”! 
  • CHUD informs us on Deer eating birds.
  • Confessions of the Hoopmaster: Pissing on the floor???
  • Never had a bad Michigan beer!  Groucho will have a Double-wide in the UP!
  • Da Yoopers!?!?  Tirty Point Buck?
  • Confessions of the Hoopmaster:  Worried that CHUD may have soiled his girlfriend.
  • Confessions of the Hoopmaster:  Rooming with co-workers at conferences.
  • Sharper Image.
  • A Bad beer from Michigan???  Sacred Cow is infected???  All bottles foaming and taste terrible!
  • Hoops pallette has been more compromised than this Arbor Brew beer.
  • Donovan McNabb beer? 
  • Holiday Show???  Why now?  LOST DUCK Brewing in Fort Madison IA.
  • Hoops on Facebook?
  • Kentucky blowout beer show???
  • Drinking the “Pitch”.  Band Ade taste?
  • Merry Christmas, don’t fly, go to Arkansas with Hoops, save the seals!
  • Tirty Point Buck…  Da Yoopers!

O’Fallon Wee Heavy bought at Friar Tuck in Peoria IL.  Alltech beers bought at the World Equestrian games in Lexington Kentucky.  Michigan beers bought a little joint between St. Joseph and New Buffalo Michigan in August.

Da Yoopers were shamelessly ripped off… But we cut the song down.  Seek them out!  They sing such classics as : “The Bears Still Suck” and “2nd Week of Deercamp”! 

Listen here! 

Christmas Rerun – 2006

Another show from the TBR Vault…  Enjoy this show from 12 years ago as Groucho and CHUD are waxing poetic of Christmas’ long ago.  

Seasons Greetings! We take the holiday head-on by trying out a bunch of festive beers! This is a lengthy show… Lots of beer and non-beer talk, some drunken singing, and a song. Hopefully, a present for everyone!

Beers on the show: Sam Adams Winter Lager, Sierra Nevada Celebration, Schlafly Christmas Ale, Wychwood Bah Humbug, Young’s Winter Warmer, Anchor Brewing’s Holiday Ale 2006.

On the show:

  • Dean Martin would be the guy to do Christmas with.
  • Beer.
  • Beer..
  • Miatas.
  • Beer… (Sorry, we talked about a few)
  • Burning clove cigarettes.
  • Witch brooms and their origins.
  • Patrick Stewart’s Christmas Carol CD.
  • CHUD is getting soft?
  • Apologies – God help us!
  • Chevy Ads with John Mellencamp.
  • CHUD’s alternate truck ads.
  • Prep Football.
  • Kissing Cousins.
  • Jeffrey T and the Library of Congress.
  • King of Beer song.
  • Boris the Spider… They Might Be Giant’s version of Spider.
  • Sealed with Wax, and other great things of yesteryear… Or yestercentury
  • Groucho’s Thanksgiving.
  • The Lost Duck Brewing Company in Fort Madison Iowa. (Groucho was going to Margaret’s family Thanksgiving… So, they are Groucho’s In-laws!)
  • Anonymous posting on the TCB.
  • Too Much Joy’s – Drunk & in Love

All the beers on the Holiday show were purchased at Broadway Liquors in Pekin IL.

Christmas Rerun 2005

Its that special time of the year… And we haven’t produced squat… So, why not pull out this classic from the TBR vault.

Groucho and CHUD talking about Ever-clear Channel Christmas parties, strip clubs and Dean Martin singing a classic.  (Not Baby its cold outside.)

Cuddle up by a tire fire and enjoy this 13 year old gem.

Wet and looking for a brew in Bloomington

I find myself in Bloomington tonight with an hour to spare…. You know I am going to hit a brewery! It would be especially nice if I could hit one that I have not tasted before!

I yelped it…. Keg Grove is two miles away. Through a torrential downpour…. I head across town to try some of the young breweries flavors. I pull in and sit in my car as rain dumps by the gallons.

Looks pretty dead inside…. I check Yelp. They are closed. Argh! It’s cool. There are other breweries in town. I look up Little Beaver. CLOSED! How about White Oak? CLOSED! Well, I know Destihl is open, but by now, I am down to about 60 minutes.

HyVee! It’s like angels called down with the suggestion. It’s close and won’t take much time to get served. Oh and they have an Electric car charging station I can use for my Prius Plugin.

It’s still dumping rain btw. I head to HyVee and park in the electric parking. I hop out of the car in the rain and discover that these charging stations are a new variety that I do not have in my google wallet. I’m properly damp when I jump into the car to download the correct ap and secure my paypal account to it. I leap out with a quickness and smash my phone up against the interface, hoping that physical brutality will assist in making this charge port work more quickly. Nope. After it goes through the faux authorization animations…. it finally makes the distinctive click that comes when a charging station has released its charge “fill nozzle”. We are live and charging.

To say that I am wet after this side adventure in an understatement! I’m soaked!

The writers room

I step inside to HyVee and drip up to bar. Look at that…. They have the local brews! Destihl, Little Beaver, White Oak and Keg Grove! Why…. Why was this not my first stop?

I start with a Keg Grove, Any Direction you Choose. It’s an IPA that satisfies for a cold beer on a crappy night. Unfortunately though it’s small brewery blandness underwhelms and I am not sure I would order it again.

Next up, Little Beaver, Puh Puh Puh. It’s an American Porter. If you advertise American Porter… I expect some hops. I am hoping for for Revolution “Eugene”. Instead.. I am getting something akin to Bent River Stout. To it’s credit, for a small batch porter, it’s pretty flavorful. The more I drink it, the more I appreciate its complexity. Not a bad brew.

Let’s take stock of the night. If it’s early in the week, skip the small breweries in town. They are working their day jobs! If it’s dumping rain, skip the charging station. You won’t get enough juice out of that charger to make a soaking wet shirt worth your while. If you find yourself in need of the local flavors, get to HyVee! They have a beer selection that is completely centered on the local guys. That is pretty cool and it’s obvious that someone is doing their job at the grocery store!



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