Craftbeer Week 2015 – Day 3


Day 3!  More news on beers being poured in Peoria and the surrounding area this week!

  • Kemps Upper Tap.  Get there!  Coolest place you have never been too!
  • Kellehers is serving something new everyday for American Craft Beer Week!
  • Fieldhouse has Sump and some other killer beers this week!
  • George Jacob Gutbuster 5K at UFS.  Run, walk or crawl your way through beer, Hores De Vores and a mini beerfest on Saturday!
  • Spirit of Peoria Beer Cruise Friday night.
  • Craftbeer.com… Who are these guys?  The Brewers Association.

Take it all in…  This is an epic week of drinking in Central Illinois.

Interview:  Luke Heminover at the Peoria Beerfest.

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