TBR Interview – Neil Witte


Groucho gets to chat with Neil for 15 minutes about how his as Master Cicerone at Boulevard and where it has taken him. Neil travels the country doing events for Duval, if you find yourself near anything he is working on… I cannot emphasize enough what a great time you will have.  Seek him out.

Thanks to Boulevard and Duval for bringing him to Central Illinois and sponsoring a great beer event at the Fox Pub in Peoria!

Oh, Matt at Fox Pub says “Hi”.

Bumper music on the show is the Rainmakers “Drinking on the job”.  We have used that song on ancient shows, but Neil coming up from KC Mizzou (The hometown of Bob Walkenhorst and the Rainmakers) it seems more appropriate.  Plus, he gets to drink for his job!  How great is that?

Audio recorded on the front stoop of the Fox Pub because they were slammed with customers inside.  The ZOOM audio recorder did a pretty good job of picking up the soft-spoken Mr. Witte!

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