Craftbeer Week 2015 – Day 4


Whats going on Thursday?

Tartan Inn is giving away a guitar!

Friday Night:

  • Beer Cruise on the Spirit of Peoria
  • Deschutes Tap Takeover at Fox Pub & Cafe
  • Lakefront Tap Takeover at Fieldhouse Peoria


  • Gutbuster 5K and Mini Beerfest at UFS
  • Homebrewer day with Destihl and the Hop Shop
  • North Peoria Beerfest at Fox Pub and Cafe.

Mini rant on contrived articles on Paste Magazine about Craft Beer.


Interview from the Peoria Beerfest with Matt Rixner of the Fox Pub.  Lets pack the house for breakfast Per-Beerfest next year!

Enjoy this upcoming weekend and be safe!  Get a Designated Driver for gods sake if you are hitting multiple places in Peoria.  (Y’know… Since we wont make it legal to UBER!)



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