The Beer Report Vidcast #5 – Hobgoblin Showdown

This is what we have all waited for… Our favorite beer from our recent trip abroad gets it moment in the spotlight…  Much has been said about the plain and bland character of the Hobgoblin beer by other shows and beer reviews.  But none have ever reviewed the can.

Tonight, we go head to head with the Wychwood All-star.  Pitting Brother against Brother, Beer against Beer, in a steel cage battle royale in which there can be only one winner…  Is that a little much?  Sorry!

Anyway, we taste them both.  Be prepared to be surprised… Or maybe not?

It rings in at 13 minutes…  Its 2 beers and a little something special.

BONUS:  Stick around for The Beer Report Mailbag at the end of the show…  It promises to be better than the show!

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