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Groucho’s Moveable Feast – Burgers & Beer Intro

We consulted the focus groups and it’s hard to believe it, but people want another podcast!   Actually, that’s not true.  Nobody asked for a new show.  Especially a show about dining in Tazewell County.

Black Top Burger

If finding a place to grab a bite from a small, locally owned business in Tazewell County Illinois is your thing…  You are in luck.  Groucho has you covered with this latest audio project.  The goal will be to visit 20 local restaurants in this downstate county holdings it own between Peoria and Blo-No.

Today’s episode is an introduction that I hope gives you a feel for what the purpose and scope of the show will be.  Kudo’s to “friend of the show” Kevin for suggesting the name, “Burgers and Beer”.  How about The Beer Report – Burgers and Beer Podcast?  Same folks…  New subject with a goal of showing off some local cuisine and entrepreneurs?

Tonight, Groucho and Kevin did a dry run at the Black Top Tavern near Manito Illinois.  We had a great experience and fleshed out some ideas.  Let’s go after those “house” burgers.  If you can name your burger after your business, then it better stand as one of the best items on your menu.  Also…  You have to make your food.  We arent stopping by and admiring the atmosphere if you only have Butch’s pizza and a rack of chips on the wall.  Sorry, that’s not gonna cut it.  Same for the great little family restaurants that make a crowd pleasing tenderloin, but do not have beer on the menu.  Again, sorry.  You are not qualifying for a visit.  We want local, fresh-made food, served with a cold beer.  It doesn’t have to be a craft beer (It would be nice and you get extra credit!), it just needs to be cold!

Join us for the adventure and please…  send along any recommendations beyond the ones listed in this episode.

Thanks again for listening!


PS…  We are going back to Blacktop for a formal show in the next few weeks.

Oh yes he did… He put ketchup on that cheeseburger!
Little Tavern on the Corner
She broke my Black Top Cherry tonight! Her words… Not mine!!!

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