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TBR 83 –


Its been a while since we sat down for a PURE Beer Report…  Finally, Groucho and CHUD sit down and have a few beers and ramble about all things common and uncommon about art, Pekin and beer.

TBR 82?  Its a smattering of Facebook videos from the Peoria Beerfest… We will see what we can make of those later.

Beers on the show: Leinenkugel Grapefruit Shandy, 3 Floyd’s Yum Yum, Cathedral Square Brewing.

On the show:

  1. Long time out of TBR studios saddles!
  2. The Shandy Style.  Groucho lays it out for you newbies!
  3. Hot chicks like fruity beers!
  4. Fragglerock reference?
  5. The sad truth of Zika.
  6. The Sprecher Brewery tour.
  7. PBC upheaval.
  8. My Little Brony.
  9. The gender thing and raging hormones of children.
  10. LGBT bathrooms.
  11. 3 Floyds vs Illinois seems like constant drama.
  12. Dark Lord Day 2016…  The horror story.
  13. 30 second lecture on the value of art.
  14. The token PJ mention.
  15. PABN…  Groucho might get evicted for mentioning the groups existence.
  16. The DLD arrest story.
  17. Gambling machines… The scourge of Illinois.
  18. Internet…  Is it bad or good?  2 pod-casters discuss.
  19. Ballast Point Dorado… With Watermelon.  Groucho rates is a ZERO!
  20. Shoutout to Drunken Lullabies…  Dustin and the gang are knocking out shows.
  21. Destihl love.
  22. CHUD hits Pekin for a night on the town after watching wrestling in Peoria.
  23. 64oz of sadness.
  24. Friend’s bar in Pekin.
  25. Do Lutherans have Saints?
  26. Karaoke… White trash entertainment?
  27. Russia and Missouri have a lot in common.  We would probably get along great with redneck Russians.
  28. Art break!  Graphic Novel talk.
  29. Ignorance is bliss.
  30. CHUD will not tweet!

Summer Shandy purchased anywhere in the Midwest…  Yum Yum picked up at a small liquor store in Attica Indiana…  Cathedral Street picked up at Friar Tuck Bloomington.



TBR 67 – The Fox Pub Peoria


In celebration of the Peoria Craft Beer Week, we get with Matt Rixner of the Fox Pub to talk about this weeks event. CHUD was bumped in lieu of brother CHUMP (Who has been absent since episode 6) to join in with us.  Rob the viking also stepped in to make sure we never had an empty glass!

Are we a bit subdued?  Yeah, probably so.  We wanted to keep it focused on The Fox and this weekends beer event.  We didn’t want to get off on some TBR tangent!  Plus, we knew that scaring Matt on the first remote at the bar would be bad for future business!

Beers on the show: Solemn Oath Wreckage Master, 2010 3 Floyds Darklord.

On the show:

  • What is the Fox Pub all about?
  • We kiss O’Fallon Brewing rear end. Long time since we did that!
  • Skunked lines?
  • Darklord for Matt!
  • Talk of Rob’s impending demise.
  • Shout out to Keg’s n Egg’s on wwct 99.9 FM.
  • Media day at the Fox!?!?  Journal Star article.
  • Brewery of the Month in May:  Founders.
  • Lowfat Fox Breakfast?  Probably not!
  • 2014 Darklord Day talk.
  • Cold Lake Michigan blues…
  • Greenbush road trip.
  • May 17th kids!!!  Get to the Fox Pub!  Its where the cool kids will be!
  • Get advance tickets at the Fox for 7 bucks!  10 at the door!
  • 500 commemorative glasses!
  • Perennial Abraxis, Barrell Aged Rasputin, Firkin of Bell’s Hopslam, Firkin of DeStihl Hoperation Overload with 30/30 coffee, Dogfish Imort-ale.
  • Single and dating!
  • Mountain air beer training!

Darklord on the show “cellered” and acquired by Groucho, in a rare attempt to show up Rob.  Solemn Oath acquired at the brewery in Chicago by a friend of  a friend…  And that needs to happen again soon!

New theme music, that will probably change again next show provided by a Japanese import copy of Buffalo Daughter, Mutating.

Links:  http://www.thefoxpubandcafe.com/


The Fox – Peoria Craft Beer Week Schedule:

May 13th – May 17th:  Peoria Craft Beer Week
American Craft Beer on Tap all week long
1.       Boulder Mojo IPA Nitro (Boulder, CO)
2.       Bell’s Oberon (Kalamazoo, MI)
3.       Cider Boys Peach County Cider (Stevens Point, WI)
4.       Arcadia Deliverance Bourbon Brown (Battle Creek, MI)
5.       Une Annee Sanguinaire Belgian Red Ale (Chicago, IL)
6.       Deschutes Obsidian Stout Nitro(Bend, OR)
7.       Boulevard Brewing Saison Brett (Kansas City, MO)
8.       Schlafly Biere de Garde ( St. Louis, MO)
9.       BuckleDown Brewing Clencher Double IPA (Lyons, IL)
10.   Jolly Pumpkin Madrugada Obscura Stout (Dexter, MI)
11.  4 Hands Brewing Chocolate Milk Stout ( St Louis, MO)

Tuesday, May 13th:  Peoria Craft Beer Week beer tasting with Josh from Markeplace
Featuring:  Jolly Pumpkin Madrugada Obscura, Jolly Pumpkin IO Red Saison, and Two Bros Engine #1 Kolsch
Saturday, May 17th:  North Peoria Craft Brewfest(more details on EVENT page)
Saturday May 24th:  Live music with The Roundstone Buskers from 8pm-10:30pm


TBR – The Exchange


exchangeThe ultimate six pack show!

Groucho and CHUD make the short drive to Delavan IL to share some amazing beers with The Exchange GM, Kevin.  As usual, Kevin’s enthusiasm for all things beer grabs us all and we take in some amazing beers.

Is this the first of many shows at the Exchange?  Not if we drink this heavy every time!

Beers on the show:

5 Rabbit Five Lizard Ale, Southern Tier Live, 8 Wired Brewing company Hotwired IPA, Cambridge Brewing Company Sargent Pepper,  Revolution Brewing Eugene Porter,

On the show:

  • Kevin gives us the low down on The Exchange!  Its his baby!
  • Monsters U has brought a second coming to Kevin’s  mispronounced youth.
  • CHUD comments on NSA snooping.  No more Al Quada searches!
  • Kevin gives a shout out to 30 30 Coffee company about their Maple Hop Latte.
  • Rhodell collaboration ale with 30 30 is given a bit of a plug as well.
  • TheChive.com shows that todays youth care nothing about personal information!
  • Paula Deen controversy.
  • CHUD is officially cancer free!!!!!
  • 8 Bit tat’s.
  • Farm to Table bar menu???  Kevin Explains!
  • Gin, Strawberry, Rhubarb and Lemon Martini?
  • Kevin’s cherry was burst on June 27th.
  • Thomas Mather’s Distillery will be the destination to see in Delavan soon!
  • Late love for Seth and the rest of the Delavan crew that takes brilliant care of you at Harvest, Hometown and the Exchange.

Beers on the show graciously shared by The Exchange.  Revolution Brewing and Darklord brought in by Groucho.

Be sure to visit the Exchange!  They are open 7 days a week and will never disappoint!

Intro and outro music:  Summertime Clothes by Animal Collective

Oh, and for you purists…  That bottle in the bar is not a 2009 Darklord… I know this.  Give me a better image of a 2009 to steal from on google and I will make it perfect next time!

Direct link to the show:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebeerreport/TBR_Special_Edition_-_The_Exchange.mp3

TBR Special Edition – Grandpa Jim


Don’t Call it a Comeback, part 3.

Feeling disjointed with our sequencing???  So are we.  We were fortunate to have some material that was literately time-stamped over the last 2 shows.  That left a few shows in the hopper.  We are glad to finally get this final show from our comeback series.

THIS SHOW IS TERRIBLY SERIOUS!  SORRY!  WE WILL GET BACK TO THE MAD-CAP ANARCHY SOON!  If you turn it off 10 minutes in…  We will not be offended.  Sometimes you have to keep a show like this for our own reference.

Beer on the show:  3 Floyds Baltic Porter and 3 Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf

On the show:

  • CHUD is a growing boy!
  • Serious 3 Floyds love!  Big shocker huh?
  • Nipples and Nuts…  A classic show that should be re-released?
  • Emotional chumming.
  • Actually serious conversation about whats been going on with TBR and CHUD over the past 6 months.
  • Brothers*
  • Ratburn family history.
  • Life satisfaction.
  • “Sometimes a body is more trouble than its worth”
  • JAS Edwards from Oklahoma.
  • American values now suck!
  • More Floyds Beer!
  • Nazi beer
  • All About Beer book head to head with the AP.  The AP rocks!
  • Mosher – Sauce
  • Bowzas and Arrzows…  Huh?
  • 90 minute show…  God Help Us!?!?!?

Beers on the show gifted by Groucho’s favorite sales rep who tries to buy his business at Riverbottom Motors.  It might be working!

Download here:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebeerreport/TBR_-_DCIACB_3.mp3



TBR Special Edition – Christmas 2011

Epic long show!  80 minutes…  Savor it until 2012!  CHUD swings by to record one more show before the end of the year.  Grab a few and listen in while we listen to some Christmas music and drink some amazing beer!

Beers on the show:  Newcastle Winter IPA, 3 Floyds 2007 Behemoth, Dalton Brewing Cerberus Russian Imperial Stout  2011.

On the show:

  1. Classic Everclear Channel – CHUDco Christmas record advertisement.
  2. Holiday show miss-start…  Where is Dino?
  3. Newcastle PR firm and creating buzz.
  4. Sailor Jerry and Newcastle Brown = The Castle Jerry boilermaker
  5. Hoopmaster is MIA.
  6. Love for the Newcastle and how this beer works when are sitting in the current English pub.
  7. Kudos to you CHUD.
  8. Beer Advocate event visited by Groucho at Kellehers in Peoria.  The Beer Report’s beers did pretty decent.
  9. Apology to the entire population of Russia for the last show and our support of Vlad Putin.
  10. Screw aging the beers!
  11. DeStihl (Normal) on New Years Eve?
  12. Homebrewing love.
  13. Tried that beer yet Kevin?  Go Seahawks!
  14. Lets get back to O’Fallon Brewery to deliver some beer!
  15. Stone Beer Fest 2012???
  16. Zombie Christmas.
  17. Zombies Suck now!
  18. Chinese Vampire generation.
  19. Euro has got to crash!!!
  20. We need a new planet to exploit.
  21. No sympathy for the 99%.  Look around the rest of the world!
  22. Last Star Fighter reference…  Kudos to those who knew that one!
  23. Hipster Christmas albums.
  24. Dino…  The king of Cool.
  25. Bonus Beer Bob…  He’s metal, and his stories ARE better than yours…  And he DID do all that cool stuff!  The most interesting man in the world!
  26. CHUD gives Bob’s beer the re-verb lead-in.
  27. Chocolate Velvet Cake beer?
  28. Homebrewing is like underground black-metal tapes.
  29. Christmas movies.  Muppets are commies.
  30. Beer Safari Christmas Videos…  Remember when???
  31. Don’t go throwing Port wine around hoping to make a decent beer!
  32. TBR toastes Jimmy Carter!
  33. Trans Siberian Transexuals.
  34. The Killers, Hot Fuss.
  35. THANK YOU!  Toast to 2012 and many thanks to our listening public!

Christmas music on the show by She & Him, Sufjan Stevens, Bowling for Soup, Dean Martin, Slow Club, 3 Redneck Tenors, They Might be Giants,  The Killers.