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TBR Special Edition – Anti-AB show


Dont Call it a Comeback, Part 1.

Groucho and CHUD saddle back up in TBR studio B for the first of 3 big shows.  Its all about whats been going on for the past few months.   Did you miss us?

Beers on the show:  O’Fallon Brewing 5 Day IPA with Chinook hops, Ale Smith IPA, Bell’s Hopslam.

On the show:

  • Wheres AB?  She’s gone!
  • Aged growler firkin beer.  2  and a 1/2 years old!
  • Flat start to the show!
  • Ale Smith is now in Peoria!  Thanks to Marketplace Selections for providing this beer for the show!
  • How to get divorced in 12 months?
  • Even Kansas has something unique and cool… Yes, even Kansas!
  • Look what Pekin produced!  (That means us!)
  • We will outlive CBR!
  • Get your Ale Smith in Peoria!  NOW!
  • CHUD dating storied again?
  • Dating Groucho’s Ex?
  • The Goat farm dream is still alive!
  • Pick your relationships in a different fashion than getting a stray animal!
  • MEtv
  • Mom was not a racist!  How “White” was our youth in Central Illinois?
  • Groucho’s radio voice.
  • Choda?  Not Radd mellow… But CHUD is mellowed.
  • Christian Slater movies for 100 Alex?
  • Margaret interupts!
  • Delicious Kudos?
  • Hopslam lands in Pekin!  Broadway Liquors has it!
  • Superbowl talk.  Flacco praise.
  • Mass transit talk.
  • Why dont animals turn into Zombies?  Zombie Dogs would suck!
  • CHUD digs up some horrible 1930’s movie for reference.  Freaks?
  • Anti-AB.  Anhesuer Busch Black Crown.  Not good.
  • Anti-AB.  Bud Platinum. 
  • Whats the point of these high ABV beers?
  • Tornado top makes the Miller beer!  Some dude got paid for this!!!  Is he inventing the blue mountains on the Coors labels?
  • Beer Report Noodling…  Miller leads to Coors leads to Sherpa’s and Mt Everest.
  • Groucho is not taking care of CHUD’s cats if CHUD gets struck by lightening ontop of a mountain while hiking… While its raining.
  • Kill it!

Beers on the show from O’Fallon Brewery in O’Fallon MO, Hopslam was from Broadway Liquors in Pekin IL, AleSmith provided to the show by our friends at Marketplace Selections. 

Support your local beer store!!!!

Download directly here:


TBR Replay – TBR 11 IPA vs Sailor Jerry

Originally released June 2006, you be the judge if this show gets better or worse with age! Enjoy this nugget from the past while Groucho and CHUD work on some new material… And try to catch up on some beers!!!

Original Post:

Ahoy there!

The Beer Report makes an attempt at an IPA show, in honor of the boys from Clarkehead… Unfortunately, Sailor Jerry comes to port in Pekin, and begins to plunder the Beer Report Studios.

Beware, Groucho’s wheels were lubricated, and the F-Bomb count gets rolling hard and fast during this show. It had occurred to me to edit this all out, but that is not the spirit of TBR.

Beers on the broadcast this week: Great Divide Titan IPA, New Holland Brewing Company’s Madhatter and Ale Smith IPA.

  • Podcasters Beware! CHUD levels a rant against 99.9999% of the Podcast community.
  • Brazil, get a language!
  • Super Liquors serves free booze on check-out!
  • Heavy ass kissing of the ClarkeHead gang.
  • CHUD’s kinda woman is described in detail!
  • Sailor Jerry gets a courtesy pour while the boys are still recording and you get to hear a condensed version of what happened over the next hour. This extra content helps this show ring in at a healthy 43 minutes!

Great Divide purchased at Super Liquors in Peoria. Madhatter gifted to the show by fan “Irish”. Ale Smith gifted by the Clarkehead gang. Thanks to all our fans for the support!!!

Download Episode 11 Now

TBR 53 – Steam Whistle Punk

Believe it or not, this show started off as a 1 beer episode… It soon turned in a direction that left us no choice to to try and find a beer in Ontario Canada worth the high currency converted price! 

If there is a great beer in Ontario…  We want to know.  We recently tried some New Amsterdam beer and it was good for a European Import equivalent, but it didn’t “show us anything”.   Steam Whistle has a good vibe in downtown Toronto.   The Hockley beers were OK, but that was not enough to make us celebrate.  Those other 2 listed…  Holy smokes…  Some of the worst ever tried on TBR.

Beers on the show:  Steam Whistle Pilsner, Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale, Hockley Black and Tan,  Hockley Dark, Hockley Irish Stout, Well’s IPA, Bell’s Batch 9000

subjects of matter on this Canadian Beer train-wreck:

  • This show is not generally about beer!
  • Episode Sponsor:  Dick Cheneys Bionic Ticker!
  • Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter and the political “cred” it brings him.
  • Canada bashing.
  • Steam Whistle brewpub and Canadian craftbeer culture.  Baby steps!
  • CHUD:  Steampunk Sucks!  (But he’s never seen Firefly)
  • Danny Glover talk!  This is white hot current! 
  • Groucho is everywhere!
  • This is NOT like any India Pale Ale we have ever had on the show!
  • Steven Hawkings has had kids???
  • Stupidest beer ever drank on The Beer Report?
  •  (Look at the Links page!  Its nearly communist!)
  • Brewed by hand???  Really???  Who doesnt say that anymore?
  • What would concentrated darkness pour like?
  • More Alexander Keith hate… 
  • Canada is truely the wasteland of Beer!  Beer laws suck!  LCBO and The Beer Store have Ontario held hostage. 
  • The Beer Store = The Little Ceasars of Beer!
  • Free health care is not worth crappy beer!  Knock-wurst patrol!
  • TBR needs to start a “Free Canada” campaign. 
  • New Amsterdam Brewery came off well on a previous tasting.
  • Peter Steel, porn name or legit metal stud?
  • The smell of Darkness?  Joe Pesci’s trunk?
  • did an amazing study about beer and glass serving temps!
  • Apology to Greg at CBR!
  • Liquid Midnight???  Marketing a Soulless beer!
  • Blurred out awards on the Hockley Cans!?!?!?  What are they hiding?  Or making up?
  • Canada, whats up?
  • Unibroue…  The clean white towel surrounded by turds!
  • American Beer rocks out the evening of dreck!
  • Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter???  CHUD has never heard of it!!!
  • Other political characters that can get into the game of killing the undead.
  • Thomas Jefferson, Ghost Hunter.
  • Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson, Zombie Killer!
  • Invest in South America.
  • Twitter CHUD:  tbrCHUD
  • Geocities!
  • We leave you with our favorite Canadian export!  Never Surrender Canada!

All beers that are not made in the USA were purchased at an LCBO in Ontario Canada in the August of 2011.   They have been refrigerated and keep cool for the duration that they sat idle.  Show recorded in March 2012.  We don’t care what you say, those beers would not have tasted a whole lot different fresh!

Direct Link to the show: