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TBR 96 – 2018 Sendoff

Its only 2 months since we recorded last… Groucho and CHUD did sit down for an epic drink at the end of December. Here are the results of that! (Yes, this show should have been released in January! It required editing… Grouchos least favorite thing to do!)

Beers on the show: Higher Math by Dogfishhead Brewing, Goose Island Bourbon County 2010 (bottle 1944)

On the show:

  • Jazz and George Clinton Beer?
  • Groucho has cheated on the CHUD
  • We solved the craft beer issue in Central Illinois! Your welcome!
  • Shout out to “Pints and Provisions”… Another Peoria Beer Podcast
  • Reminiscing about The Good Beer Show and JeffryT.
  • Heineken has parallels to The Ford Assembly Line
  • Peoria Beer Nerd drama?
  • The Cubicle of Death – CHUD’s secret Facebook group about Death Metal.
  • CHUD lost the riddle of steel!
  • Anyone have an Alexa in their house… Good for you!
  • We have a million dollar idea. The Phone Box!
  • Its hard to dump a body these days!
  • Russians are Missourians at heart!
  • We used the R word… Sorry.
  • Living in the trees of California… Thats plumb crazy!
  • Deer wasting disease.
  • Dadding with a Teenage daughter? Groucho Laments! Podcast Dads, Jeff and Spoon… I can be your icebreaker.
  • Uber and Drugs.
  • Its not my birthday. TMBG gag when we had CD players.
  • Groucho beats down the telemarketers. Its a moral choice!
  • CHUD almost starts a rant about racism… Socialism… God knows what!
  • Bubble bath??? Text from the CHUDLETTE
  • Bath Salts! A nine dollar bath????
  • Petcentric?
  • Best Beer Ever??? CHUD declares that Bourbon County as a title contender!

Feedback? Bah…. We dont care! Thanks for listening!


TBR 84 – Goose Island 2013 Barley Wine


Beer on the show: 2013 Goose Island Bourbon County Barley-wine.

On the show:

  1. The Bourbon County Rage.
  2. Chud’s cellaring philosophy.
  3. PABN.  (Secret Handshake required)  Whats up with the chugging?  CHUD recommends burning dollar bills.
  4. Consistency is an accomplishment!  80% of success is attendance?  Who said that?
  5.  Axel Rose sitting.
  6. The new Tick series.  Griffin Newman who plays Arthur let us down!
  7. Marc Maron Podcast and Show.
  8. Gary Schandling tribute.
  9. Goo Goo Doll’s…  John Mayer…  Not Jack Johnson!!!  Dave Matthews Band?
  10. Buffalo Wild Wings…  Hooters girls in Peoria…  Sad times.
  11. Arrogant Bastard cans?
  12. Boston.
  13. Fireball???  Why?
  14. Meat sweats.
  15. Aftershock is a hookup lock!  In 1997 at least!
  16. Tindr…  Yeah…  What do two married guys know about this?
  17. Chud digging on Frank Zappa…  Then comparing it to South Park.
  18. Trump, Clinton…  OMG.  Sanders?
  19. Fracking.  Groucho and CHUD break it down non-scientifically.
  20. The Future…
  21. Dont use self check.  Dont use restaurants that use robots.  Use businesses that support local jobs.
  22. If your going to be a sh*tbag… Your going to reap the rewards.  The moral of Krampus.
  23. A last dash of CBR love.

This lovely beer purchased in Pekin Illinois at Broadway Liquors.  Tell them the Beer Report sent you… They will probably ask you WTF that means!


TBR 80 – The Harvest Cafe Show

TBR 80

Groucho gets the invite to hang in Delavan at Harvest Cafe and taste a couple of great Point Brewing beers to get us ready for Summer…  Then Kevin rolls out some secret beers and a massive BBQ plate to round everything out!

CHUD is home with the Chudlette and could not make the recording!  Hopefully, this is one of very few shows ever recorded without him!

Also on the show is Kyle from RJ Distributing.  He is the second Cicerone in the Peoria area.  We enjoy some banter between Kyle and Kevin later in the show as they discuss tap politics.

The show is over an hour!  Sorry.  You do need to stick around and hear about selfies with Auggie Busches exhumed body.  Just saying.

Beers on the show:  Point Brewing Session pale Ale, Point Brewing Siesta Key Pale Ale, Goose Island Sophie, Deschutes Disadent 2015 Reserve,  New Holland Vinilla Chia Dragons Milk.

On the show:

  1. Cicerone program.
  2. Fresh beer!
  3. Julian (Spell?) dates.
  4. Two week old beer!
  5. Porch Pounder???  Who coined that one?
  6. Cuban party with these Point beers?
  7. Kevin is the king of hugs!
  8. Groucho’s history lesson on his first visit to Harvest Cafe.
  9. Bourbon Barrel GI mistakenly priced.
  10. Shoutouts to local small bars…   Haynes on Main, Maquets and Kemps.
  11. No CHUD tonight!
  12. Kevin’s BBQ life lessons.  Make your kid the “Mop Boss”.
  13. Harvest Cafe fresh spring produce.
  14. The farm to table.  The real deal!
  15. The middle of everywhere…  Delavan IL.
  16. Bacteria!  The endless battle!
  17. Drink with your nose!
  18. Cheers Amy.
  19. Groucho gets to Soapbox.
  20. Fat Tire 25th Anniversary Beer Dinner at Harvest Cafe.  Mark your calender’s.  JUNE 21ST!!!! (Groucho, take your foot out of your mouth!)
  21. Sentimental Beer.
  22. Coor’s Banquet Beer gets a shout out!
  23. Kevin will not let the show end!!!!   More beer!
  24. BBQ Night at the Harvest Cafe!
  25. Halibut served with smashed Potatoes and local Ramps garnished with edible flowers.
  26. Kevin is becoming a foodie.
  27. Pork “Three times”.
  28. We all miss Grandpa Johns in Peoria.
  29. Kemp’s in Lexington talk edited out to protect ourselves from litigation!
  30. Kevin’s love for Notre Dame.
  31. Breakfast at Harvest.
  32. Jess, one of our “Number Ones”.
  33. Have you ever had a bad beer event…  Kevin answers all.
  34. Beer-tap wars.
  35. August Busches dead body would move some Budweiser at Harvest Cafe.
  36. Re-Grand Opening of the Exchange on April 9th!  Come down and check it out!
  38. THANK YOU KYLE from RJ Distributing.

Beers on the show are mostly Kevin’s private selections saved up for this dinner.

See you at the 2016 Peoria Jaycee’s Beerfest!

TBR 61 – Tazewell County Beer Events


CHUD free show???  Groucho has to wing it as he hits Delavan to do a show about all the current beer doings that are coming up here in November.  Beer “Doings” in Tazewell county!!!  Lets make this be the start of a trend!!!!

Beers on the show:

Goose Island Illinois, Will Wheaten Stone Brewing collaboration beer Woot Stout, Uinta Punk’n.

On the show:

  • Groucho and Kevin man the show from Hometown Wine and Spirits.
  • Bent River Beer dinner at Harvest Cafe…  November 14th!  309 244 7000
  • Josh is working up a menu!
  • Hop infused butter!
  • Craft Beer Tasting in Pekin!
  • The Beer Report and Crescent Sun Brewing with Pekin Main Street  association at the Speakeasy in Pekin on November 21st.
  • Boulevard Brewing gets purchased by Duval…  Greg Koch starts the name calling?
  • Goose Island… Honest opinions of what they have done since being bought by Anheuser Busch.
  • Oh…  Mitch Steele is still head brewer at Stone… He hasn’t left!
  • Will Wheaten Beer.
  • Hop butter tasting… Live and in person.
  • 3 Floyds?  Where are you in Illinois???
  • Beard talk?  World series sets Groucho off.
  • Ashley from Hometown Wine and Spirits says that beards add to a mans overall appearence!?!?
  • Groucho’s San Diego trip.
  • Incredi-beard.
  • Low Rise Jeans… Groucho has a problem with them apparently!
  • Old man clothes.

Beers on the show provided by The Harvest Cafe.  Thank you for all you guys do.  Special thanks to Ashley for letting us invade her store to do the show at Hometown Wine and Spirits.

Listen here:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebeerreport/TBR_61.mp3


The Harvest Cafe. Craft Beer and Gourmet food in Delavan IL?

 A few years ago I had a brilliant trip abroad to the Eastern countryside of England…  The Cotswolds.  Every preconceived notion I had about England and food were shattered on that trip…  We walked between villages during the day and stopped at local pubs to grab a great beer and a bite.   At night…  These same pubs would turn their menu into a fine dining experience.  Great local beers and awesome local meat and produce all worked together to provide some of the best meals of my life!

I left the English countryside content that this type of establishment will never be reproduced in Central Illinois.  If its not all you can eat walleye or fried chicken… What chance could it have?

Bar5 years ago…  If you would have recommended a small Central Illinois town as a great place to have near gourmet food and craft beer… I would have laughed off this blog!

Then someone recommends this new restaurant in Delavan… The Harvest Cafe. 

Delavan is a small town tucked away off some country roads between Peoria and Springfield IL. Its one of the countless towns that dot the Central Illinois landscape with populations of under 2000 people. Communities this small usually pride themselves on whether they have a Casey’s General Store or not!

So, you can imagine my trepidation when I started hearing rumors of a great dining restaurant in Delavan.  No slam on the town… But, I was really expecting to hear about awesome fried chicken or some deep fried appetizer!

The Harvest Cafe is the latest addition to downtown Delavan.   A downtown, that like many small rural towns is struggling to keep vital and alive.

Best muscles in downstate Illinois?We snuck in for breakfast a few weeks ago…  Just to get an idea of what was going on.  To my pleasant surprise…  We were greeted by a beautifully restored exterior.  It would have made 1910 Delavan as proud as the 2010 population.  The interior is more modern, but had some classic touches to remind you that you are in an old building.

Breakfast turned out great.  I had some Cajun grits with shrimp.  Ang had some biscuits and gravy.  Summer was overloaded with 2 of the biggest pancakes she has ever seen in her life!  They were served with a side of amazingly flavorful sausage.

We asked for a dinner menu, just to get an idea of what might be in store if we came by later.  After checking the menu over… It was decided that a future dinner was probably in order. 

Breakfast for the family and grandmother was a healthy 40 bucks.  I was a little put off by the price for a breakfast.   But, if it were Bob Evans in Pekin… Would it have been any less?  Probably not.

Return Dinner Visit:

Ribs!Ang found it very ironic that we would be heading to Delavan for our anniversary dinner…  After all… We have made a habit of driving to more upscale establishments in Peoria and Bloomington over the years for that one evening a year without the kids.   Jonahs, The Fish House, Alexanders, Kobe etc are the normal haunts.

It was a Thursday night… So, I was not surprised to see that they had plenty of places to sit.  We grabbed a table off to the side and quickly ordered some beer and a Blue Moon mussel appetizer.    Holy smokes!  The mussels were a bargain for the portion, and had some kind of amazing lemon cream sauce.  I mean amazing!  Very nice.

MatildaThe beer on draft was Goose Island Matlida.  Yes, Matilda!  That’s something special when you see it on Kelleher’s epic tap list in Peoria.   The Matilda was served in a pint glass that was frosted.  I was half tempted to say something to the waitress… But she looked really young and I thought it might be more hassle to explain about the glassware than it was worth.  (Frosted glasses should be saved for the Bud and Miller drinkers.  Reducing the temp of a good craft beer actually takes away from the flavors and esters that make craft beer great)

PizzaFor dinner, the wife and I split a rack of ribs and one of the Italian themed pizza’s.  The ribs were already cut, so we didn’t get all messy eating them.  You could tell the ribs were slow cooked in some fashion, the menu was kinda vague on those details.  They were served with a splash of a spicy mustard and some homemade slaw.  Overall they were delicious.

The pizza was good.  The slices of prosciutto were generous and gave the “za” a little more flare.

I ordered the other Goose Island beer they had on draft, Pierre Jacques.  This time asking the waitress to hold the frosted mug.  Ahhhhh… That was much better.

Desert would have been overkill.  They had an offering of cobblers and pies that sounded great.  But we were already going to be taking food home as it was!

As we sat and picked at this mass of food…  We became more and more convinced on how needed this place was in a small town like Delavan. 

When the check arrived…  I had to do a double take.  We ate like royalty…  Ordered tremendous food and drinks… And were left with a very reasonable bill of 40 bucks.  Far less than our average on Anniversaries past.  You know, if we had gone to Peoria for this same dinner… It would have been 80.00 to 100.00 for the 2 of us. 

At this point… I am sold on going Delavan for some great food and drink.  Will we ever get to that point where every town has a “pub” like this?  I can only hope!  You see all these trends for folks eating more local and fresh food… It seems odd that areas like ours that are surrounded by it are the last ones to catch on! 

Cheers to The Harvest Cafe!  Its worth the trip!  Get down to Delavan!

Link:  http://harvestcafedelavan.com

Side notes:  First, let me just say that I am NOT a food critic by any stretch.  But I really felt that this is a place that should be shared and celebrated.   After seeing great places come and go over the years… You have to try and support the ones that are truly special. 


  • Plentiful and friendly staff.
  • Great beers on tap and in bottles.
  • Simple classic menu items.
  • Great atmosphere and style.

Minus: (I really had to dig to find much to complain about)

  • The mussels could have had a bit larger portion of bread.  But the appetizer price was so reasonable that I really cant complain.
  • Craft beer served in a frosty glass.
  • Not enough info on the menu about where the food is coming from locally.  Even a chalkboard on the wall or table card proclaiming where some items came from would bring the food full circle.

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