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Crown River Brewing – Work Truck Wheat Beer

From Beer Report Pictures

Ok…  As hard as it may be to do, sometimes you have to put the “beer dork” badge away. Try and drink and think about a beer like one of the “locals” that might be enjoying it for the first time… 

That’s what I have here tonight with the Crown Valley Work Truck Wheat Beer.   Its fizzy, yellow, zero headed and lightly tasty.  All in all an average craft beer at best…  But you have to consider where this beer comes from. 

Mizzou.  Part of the barren wasteland of beer that is Midwest.  Not the good parts of the Midwest…  You know the places; Michigan, Minnesota or even Indiana.  Nope, Missouri is part of that western Midwest that stretches to the steps of the Rockies before beer starts getting decent again.  Its not the fault of brewers.  Its just that the appreciation for the Craft Beer Revolution has not been embraced fully by these folks.

So, you have to step into the brewers shoes before you just rip a beer for being average.  This beer sets out to grab those of the uninitiated and make converts.  That’s a tough gig.  Your beer has to be reasonably priced and cannot rip the taste-buds out of a Bud/Miller/Coors drinker.  You don’t want to scare them away, you want to lure them back to try more.  When you put it that way…  This beer succeeds. 

Its has that bit of wheaty-fruity thing you note in a classic Hefe…  And that’s about it.  Its still a little fizzy and boring.  But, its certainly drinkable.   And, I would hazard to guess that its probably VERY drinkable on a hot day.

I realize the beer will come off as underwhelming to you beer geeks.  But thats OK.  Someday, someone who started on a beer like this will grow to your stature.   And the cycle will continue!

2 of 5 IBU’s from Groucho.  But I would kick that to 3 on a Midwest only scale.