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TBR 92 – Jetski Wedding

Pod-fade???  Not us!  (Though, Groucho does lie awake at night having nightmares about such things)  Groucho and CHUD!!! Back in the saddle again for an honest to goodness TBR.

Beers on the show:  Clown Shoes Pecan Pie Porter, Real Ale Brewing Belgian Tripel Ale, Destihl Adam Bier, Revolution Brewing Un-session-able Imperial IPA.

On the show:

  1. Groucho has been passed around by other guys…  He’s feeling dirty.
  2. Billy Crystal imitations.
  3. Clown Shoes puns…  Wow.
  4. CHUD’s taste-buds have healed since the accident.
  5. Ghost noises.
  6. CHUD’s working on a children’s book.
  7. The “Horse accident”.
  8. The settlement…  The destination Wedding…  Sandals resort in Jamaica.
  9. Chicken Blood vows.
  10. Meier chat.  People still go there in Bloomington Normal?
  11. Why Amazon will rule the world.
  12. Best Man talk.
  13. California love from Groucho.
  14. Any Jeff Galuli of South Pekin?
  15. CHUDlette needs her herring treats.
  16. The riding crop incident.
  17. Flat Earther’s and the ilk are becoming annoying.
  18. Litmus test for going to the creationist museum?
  19. Local news interviews for the CHUD?  Selling the outrage!
  20. Dali Lama lottery for the CHUDlette.
  21. Groucho and CHUD doing the Instagram video thing…  Instagram:  thebeerreport
  22. Slamming the Irish for their stance on Abortion.
  23. Tom Petty talk.
  24. Brian Wilson… Beach Boys…  Sgt Pepper…  The Doors and Jimmy Hendrix.
  25. 1967… Greatest year for music?
  26. Queen.
  27. Marilyn Manson talk.    Marc Maron Podcast talk.
  28. Songs for Drella… Warhol and old school work ethics.
  29. The Double Album conundrum.  Frankie say relax?
  30. Tannin’s and Hops love.
  31. Superduper Dog IPA.  TeeWinks?  We still think of you… Late at night….  ick!
  32. No more pink BMW for Bianca.

Thanks for playing along… More shows with the CHUD need to happen!!!  We are working on this!!!

No sponsors for these beers… We do not pander…  We do not pull punches.  These brewers are great and we did not expect any bad beers…  But heaven help those bad ones that we might find.




TBR 65 – Peoria Brewing Company aftershow


We tried to overstay our welcome with Todd and Christian at the Peoria Brewing company, but they were game for all the nonsense that we were spewing on this episode of TBR.  This is a full blown show, don’t think its just a filler piece.  (Well, aren’t they all?)  You get a solid 20 minutes of beer content interweaved with talk about “Chud’s girlfriend at the time”, Clown fears, Stevie Knicks (SP? Didn’t care enough to look it up) and Bob Dylan.  Sounds like a normal show to us!

Thanks again to those guys letting us hang at the Peoria Brewing Company.  Thanks for the free samples and we look forward to all the progress reports on the facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/PeoriaBrewingCompany

Beers on the show:  TBR Pear Trippel, Mikkeller Beer Hop Breakfast, Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer American Imperial Stout.

  1. Tilted kilt? Way to start a show!
  2. Why cant beer places stick in Peoria?
  3. Plug for http://hopshoppe.com/
  4. Beer-A-Sutra?
  5. “I had to drink them honey… It’s my job”.
  6. Groucho brought TBR homebrew!  The Pear Golden!
  7. CHUDs lost rhizome!
  8. Kent Goldings debate!
  9. Nipples and Nuts reference.  Who’s been around that long?
  10. Green Apple IPA conversation leads to pilot system talk.
  11. Todd has a midsection like a wasp nest.
  12. Groucho has a looming argument for the local beer stores.
  13. Is PUNK Brewery still around?
  14. Is the dog thing overdone?
  15. The beer biscuit idea leads to the peanut butter birthday story.
  16. Get your clown shoes on CHUD.
  17. CHUD is a clown hater?  The X story.
  18. Everything sounds better at Red Rocks?
  19. Fleetwood Mac?  RUSH talk.
  20. Ramones VS Bob Dylan car commercial showdown.
  21. Burning records and crosses in Pekin?  Lets move on!
  22. Malaysian Airlines predictions.  Still timely!!!
  23. Take me out EuroTrash Girl…  Edited for Grouchos enjoyment.

Beers on the show, Honey Wheat courtesy of Peoria Brewing Company, Homebrew provided by Groucho and CHUD, Beer Hop Breakfast and Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer bought at Friar Tuck in Peoria Illinois.

Link to the show:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebeerreport/TBR_65_-_Chud_Still_hates_clowns.mp3