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All that wonderful music that we play on the vidcasts and at the start of some of the shows comes from Too Much Joy.

The main tracks we use are “Even the Queen” and “Drunk and in Love”.

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TBR Special Edition – The Destihl location interview

Something new for The Beer Report! Groucho and CHUD make the big trip from Pekin to check out the newest addition to the local beer scene!

If this show comes off as a shameless promotion for the Destihl in Normal Illinois… Well, we apologize in advance! Matt Potts, the Owner and Head Brewer of of Destihl rolled out the red carpet for us to do a show at his new restaurant.
Listen in as we find out a little history on Matt and how the Destihl came into being.
THIS SHOW CARRIES A PG RATING! (We are much more tame when out in public!)
One the show:
  1. Matt’s first brew-pub in Elmwood
  2. Midwest beer culture… Or lack of it.
  3. Training servers
  4. No other beers served!
  5. The Lager
  6. “Doing Law” and the natural progression to brewing!?! (Supportive Wife!!!)
  7. Siebel Beer School in Chicago
  8. Canning beer
  9. Incoming call from Margaret
  10. The Hefeweizen (Lemon-free)
  11. What does a brewer drink?
  12. Natural Yeast Beer in the news!
  13. The Nut-brown Ale
  15. Pleasant restrooms
  16. Coffee Stout
  17. The Destihl name
  18. Building in Champaign
  19. The Future
  20. Music to brew by
  21. Hiding behind the glass
  22. Destihl mints and tattoos?

All beers on the show were made at the brewery… And they were all GREAT!!!

All comments about people in Pekin only liking Bud Lite are from Groucho and CHUD…. For the record: Matt LOVES Pekin! (So do we… But its kinda fun to give our hometown some grief!)

Check out Destihl at

Check out this shameless attempt to promote a local business at.

TBR Interview – Karen Hamilton of Lagunitas Brewing Company

Hopefully, this is the first of many more interviews for 2008!


Special thanks to Michael and Specialty Distributing in Peoria IL for bringing Karen to town for a special Zappa themed tasting!


Karen is the Midwest representative for Lagunitas. Join us as we talk to her about their rapid growth, Zappa themed beers, and the “general weirdness” that goes on at


Check it out!