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Hometown Wine & Spirits in Delavan


Kevin Myszkowski (Yeah, I had to copy and paste that) from The Harvest Cafe in Delavan rolled out the red carpet after asking us to do a show from the adjoining Wine shop, Hometown Wine & Spirits.

Ashley “Bird” Burdette (Hometown Manager) joins us to give us a brief education on Wine during the show as well.

Surprisingly good sound from the Groucho’s travel set-up. Sorry Groucho is over-modulated initially… Dont worry… I over-modulated Kevin and CHUD later in the show.

We do ring this show up to 85 Minutes… Sorry! We were having too much fun and there is not a lot of waste here. Kevin is like a top… Wind him up, and let him go!

Beers on the show: Wild Onion Hopslayer (In a Pint!), Finches Fascist Pig, Lagunitas Lil Sump’n, Darkhorse Brewing Plead the 5th, Darkhorse Brewing Scotte Karate

On the show:

  • An introduction to Hometown Wine & Spirits.
  • Hop Heads will love Delavan! Awesome beers in Delavan!
  • The Exchange will be opening soon! 12 craft taps! Nitro tap as well!
  • Farm to table at Harvest Cafe. Cameron Urban rocked the PARC/EPIC competition.
  • Craft beer can love.
  • Kevin might take CHUD’s place!
  • The Dela-Van.
  • Thomas Mathers Distillery.
  • Groucho starts the negotiations… How much Rhubarb…???
  • 3 Wine Swines.
  • Kevin loves Delavan!
  • Revolution Brewing conversation.
  • Inkling Ap… Is whipped out for a few seconds.
  • Metal Voice CHUD!
  • Limited amount of F-Bombs… Sorry!
  • Wine Bar… Defined! Ashley sits in and gives us some tips for wine.
  • Get your Zinfandel at Casey’s down the street!
  • New Menu’s daily… Kevin shares some of the secrets of what goes on behind the scenes with the staff.
  • More negotiations… What will one walleye bring?
  • TBR takeover??? Twist our arm!
  • Kevin is an AM radio dude as well.
  • Lagunitas loves to party? Kev says so!
  • Ryan Sandburg = Yoda of Beer.
  • Darklord Day talk.
  • Marketplace Selections, RJ and Specialty all supply the variety of beers on tap.
  • Boris the Crusher in Delavan???
  • Lots of laughs… As we have consumed plenty of great beer!
  • Delavan Love. Again!
  • Groucho finally negotiates a pint!
  • Final Beer… Lets kill this thing!
  • CHUD does a completely racist interpretation of the Scotte Karate label.
  • Wrap up.


DirectLink: http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebeerreport/TBR_Special_Edition_-_Hometown_Wine.mp3

Groucho and CHUD Love it in the can!

Canned beer on special tonight!  This show is a one session… No edit canfest!

Beers on the show:  Brasserie de Saverne Boris Organic Ale,  Wild Onion Hop Slayer.

On the show:

  1. Serf wear?
  2. French beer and who drinks it.
  3. Who is Boris?
  4. Putin…  Round 2?
  5. New cold war could make the US interesting again.
  6. Monster Energy drink has a logo on everything!
  7. Can Clinton come back?
  8. Aprehentious
  9. More hate for www.Ratebeer.com and www.Beeradvocate.com.
  10. We are not beer geeks.
  11. “I want the beer that Dale Earnhardt drinks!”
  12. Overplaying head.
  13. Dirty, Sassy and nicely floral…  Wild Onion kicks in some serious hop infused goodness into the show.
  14. 420 compliant?
  15. Hash?  CHUD would legalize it all!
  16. Groucho admits defeat to Hop Slayer!
  17. Todd and Craig Alstrom????  WTF?  (Getting our flaming retardant email address administered after editing this show”
  18. Luggage theft suspected of funding www.beeradvocate.com
  19. Beer newbies.
  20. 18″ ear hoops?
  21. Neck stretching would be a cooler masochistic hobby!  Scrotum stretching?  Full sleeve tat’s.
  22. Alstrom tat’s?
  23. Name that Alstrom.  (Craig = Jason?)
  24. Who are the real Brothers in Beer?  Groucho and CHUD?  Todd and Jason? 
  25. www.onionpub.com
  26. This beer is healthy.  Its got LOTS of health!   Reduces colon polyps!
  27. Contest is over, and we finally sent out a brew to super fan Kevin.
  28. Every night is a Republican debate.  8 8 8!!!!
  29. Putin will solve all of America’s problems! 
  30. Saddam porn?
  31. The Boston Wild Beer fest is probably a totally awesome. 
  32. We are big in Botswana!  North South Africa.
  33. Beer Report geography kicks in full speed.
  34. Super rich need to buy more Kashmir jackets.   Avoid Pottery Barn.
  35. Beer of the Year? 
  36. Pliney thoughts?
  37. Great hop harvest.  Jeff at www.craftbeerradio.com said he had tons of hops left over as well.
  38. Goat cheese wth hops…  WOULD ROCK!!!
  39. Huffing Hops.
  40. Timestamped show.
  41. Left Hand Nitro Stout!  Just released!
  42. Guinness Black Lager?  Crap?
  43. Giant F*ck-all Pile of Hop Beers. 
  44. Craig and Sam?  Billy?  Wendy?  Mike?  Bob?  Phil?  Brian?  Ron?  Reggie Ahlstrom!

  Beers on the show purchaed in Ontario Canada at LCB and Broadway Liquors, Pekin IL.