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TBR Special Edition – Well’s Banana Beer

Beer on the show:  Banana Bread Beer from Well’s. 

This beer was handpicked and given to Groucho by Superfan, PJ.

Shout-outs abound!  Count ’em up!  We are hoping to make Jeff at www.craftbeerradio ‘s ears bleed with this massive shoutout to Super Fan PJ!

  1. Provenance bitches!  More label complaints from the Groucho and CHUD, Marketing genius’!
  2. Pour hard!
  3. Fair Trade Banana’s and Mineral Water???
  4. Chiquita beer!
  5. Church socials rock!
  6. Brewing with bananas?
  7. CHUD slams Kentucky and Tennessee!
  8. Boomers suck.
  9. Groucho’s truck makes cool noises!
  10. Beer label bitching.  Kalamazoo Stout might be the worst label ever!
  11. Greg who? 
  12. Nightcrawler Dan and the Beer and B movie night.
  13. Banana flavor???????  WTF???????
  14. Juvenile name calling for Greg Weiss-Supremacist!

We love you Greg! 

Listen to this organic debacle here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebeerreport/TBR_-_Wells_Banana_Beer.mp3