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TBR – Georgia Beers on our Mind. AKA PJ Delivers!

TBR Georgia on our minds 

Been a long time huh???  Hey, its been a busy summer! 

Groucho, CHUD and AB sat down for some great Georgia brews thanks to fan of the show PJ.  We are shocked to see that you CAN find some decent beer south of the Mason Dixon line.  Who knew?  We thought it was all Brahma and Busch Light down there! 

Beers on the show:  Sweetwater 420, Sweetwater IPA, Sweetwater Happy Endings (Catch and Release Series), Kirkland Pale Ale and Kirkland IPA. 

  1. Google Plus…  Does it still matter?
  2. Fail boat? 
  3. Brian Dennehy?  What happened?
  4. Cheap Pee Wee jokes.
  5. Strangford Laugh brewing company was a big scam.  German malts in St. Patties Best?
  6. Deadliest Warriors.  Taliban vs Irish Freedom Fighters.
  7. Expired beer.
  8. Huck and Tom catching fish on the bottles…  Less Injun Joe.
  9. Serving cat at the flea market.
  10. Globe Trekker, eating rat in Africa.
  11. China bashing.
  12. Paris Hilton’s contributions to society actually outweigh the Cardashians!
  13. Happy Endings.
  14. First Georgia beers on the show?
  15. More Pee Wee talk.
  16. Superfans…  Pj, Gary, TeeWinks, BoSoxPats (May be a rep from Colt 45) Keelhauler, Kevin F.
  17. How many years on the air now?
  18. iPod deaths.
  19. Hall Pass…  Too much cock for Groucho.
  20. Captain America talk…  CHUD whips out his nitpickers guide.
  21. CHUD goes to Vegas.
  22. David Copperfield.  Underwhelming?
  23. PJ sets us up with some COSTCO beer!
  24. What the hell is “Signature” service?  A joke at this point.
  25. Kevin Costner vs Dick Cheney.
  26. Dances with BP.
  27. Dick Cheney is heartless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. Kirklands signature?

Download this whale of a show here:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebeerreport/TBR_-_Georgia_on_our_Minds.mp3

Special thanks to PJ for donating these fine beers AND OTHERS IN THE PAST to The Beer Report.  We totally appreciate all fan support!