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Drunken Lullabies – Drunk at the Movies – UHF


What do you get when you have three guys gather around for a classic Weird Al movie?  You get Drunken Lullabies – Drunk at the Movies – UHF!

Groucho sits in with Dustin “The Voice” and Daryl “The Broadcaster” to watch UHF and drink a bunch of craft beers!

Dustin has been doing a bunch of these psuedo-MST3K podcasts and they are a ton of fun to listen to if you know the movie…  Also a ton of fun if you are participating!  Give his other episodes a listen.

Getting this movie was no coincidence.  I was begging to do UHF.  This movie has become a classic in my house and its one of the few DVD’s that I actually own.  My son uses it as a lithmus test to shake out who he should be friends with.  Its also become a roadmap to what are the essential 80’s movies that he should watch.  If Al parodied it…  We must watch!  Well, except for Ghandi…  We can save that one for a couple years out.

Cue up a copy of UHF and enjoy!


PS… My Victoria Jackson love was a real thing back in the 80’s!

Beers on the show from Aldi, Trader Joes and assorted other places.    Liquid Mechanics and Stone Brewing  beers were killing it!










TBR Special Edition – Stone Jerkemon Go


Here is a gem from the end of last year.  Groucho brought back a couple “Crowlers” from the Stone World Brewing Headquarters in Escondido California last fall.  We drank these beers very quickly after arrival back to Central Illinois .  This is the second show from that night… We got a little rocked and you can tell by the end of this one!

Beer on the show:  Stone Jerkemon Go.

On the show:

  1. Crowler?  Can I get a definition please?
  2. Pokemon Go…  The future of our lives?
  3. The Wally Chair!
  4. TBR on the local radio?
  5. This beer is delicious!  Groucho says its flat after a week… CHUD says its good.
  6. Sweaty Betty.  “This beer tastes like sour corn!”
  7. The Schlafly Beer Dinner was the best beer dinner ever?  Stephen Hale was special guest at Harvest Cafe.
  8. Bloomington Normal News.  Destihl love.  Beercade in Normal?  Fatjacks is not CHUD’s favorite place on the weekends.
  9. Odabed and Issac’s…  Groucho needs to check it out.
  10. Skinny pants?  CHUD loves them!
  11. The hangover prayer vigil.  Worship Stone.
  12. Internet sovereignty?  THEBEERREPORT.COM
  13. Fake News? Oh God! Yes, we talk about it.  Facebook Manipulation of the news for their algorithm testing.
  14. Fish are not screwing because of your antidepressants Seattle!
  15. The Greatest Generation would have kicked your ass!
  16. Groucho is a paid writer.
  17. Dad talk about infants.
  18. Family role models?  Where have they gone?
  19. The new Pee Wee movies is hate filled according to CHUD.
  20. The Amish are multiplying.  So Sayeth the CHUD.
  21. Ron Paul Seed garden would not have helped John Goodman in Cloverfield Lane.
  22. Meandering and dishing on Iron Maiden and other assorted topics fill the show out.

Beer on the show purchased at Stone Brewery.  You owe it to yourself to get there!


TBR 86 – Crowler


Groucho comes back from San Diego and brings back some fresh Stone Brewing Beer.  Not Arrogant Brewing…  That would be confusing.  Wait a second… That is confusing!  What the Hell are they doing out there in Escondido with the brewery names???   Thats for a different show.

Anyway.  Groucho brings back a “crowler” of Stone Brewing Ripper IPA. Its a great way to start a new string of shows!

This show was recorded on International Podcast Day, September 30th 2016.  For whatever that is worth!

On the show:

  1. Crowler???
  2. Groucho has been spending time with other podcasts.  Sorry CHUD.
  3. San Diego Homecoming of sorts?
  4. Groucho cant pour a beer!
  5. Kevin’s excuses to abandon us do not hold water.
  6. Flashback…  Dude Night Podcast and some TBR history.
  7. Stone Brewing Restaurant is great for kids.
  8. Lost Abbey Tequila Farmhouse Ale.  Amazing.  Seek it out.
  9. Groucho’s love of the 5oz sample.
  10. 32 North Brewing gets us a beer on the house.
  11. Little Miss Brewing.
  12. Groucho has forgotten how good a Pliny is.
  13. Watermelon Dorado gets bashed again…  Sorry… Cant refrain.
  14. International Podcast Day 2016 – Wave your freak flags people!
  15. Podcast life skills.
  16. Political Talk.  Debate Talk.
  17. “Trump was on coke” says the Chud.
  18. Election predictions?
  19. We wind the show up in politics…  Sorry!
  20. Chud doesn’t dig the Stone as much as Groucho.

Thanks for listening!  New show from live in the Ale Smith Brewery with Hogdawg coming soon!

TBR 69 – The Fox Pub show 2

TBR 69
TBR 69

We had recorded this show directly following the last Fox Pub show last month…  We had wanted to make sure we put out the last one lickity-split, in order to get the word out on the North-side Beerfest.  (Which we heard was awesome!)

This show, we get a little more into the doing’s and business of the Fox Pub, and get Matt to defect questions left and right.  That means we are doing our jobs right?  We had a great time, and Rob (Central Illinois’ version of Bonus Beer Bob) makes sure we have some comedic interruptions.  Chad shows up with the bonus beer though… So, we may need to rethink the titles of these “extras”.

I have to admit… This show had me smiling all the way through on production.  I hope you enjoy it as much I did!  G

Beers on the show:  Stone 15th Anniversary Ale, Schlafly Raspberry Coffee Stout, Boulevard Coffee Ale.

On the show:

  1. Groucho got kicked out of Joe’s Brewery in Champaign. (20 years ago)
  2. Matt shares Anhesuer Busche’s latest canned offering.  (Didn’t even bother to spell check that!)
  3. Code for locals when a macros are ordered!
  4. Stone brewing talk and wishing we could be as cool as Greg Koch.
  5. Big Al’s talk.
  6. Matt deflects!
  7. Matt gives us the whole story on the Fox!  Beer is his passion!
  8. If Rob owned a bar…  Bad idea!
  9. Do what you love…  And you’ll never work a day in your life?  lol!
  10. Spaceball Quotes ensue with Raspberry beer!
  11. Rob’s whale farm.
  12. Tingle theme.
  13. Schlafly beers where Groucho’s gateway.
  14. Does Matt’s wife wear a fake smile?  We all wonder how she stayed in Central Illinois!
  15. Fox Pub bus trip to GABF.
  16. Growth market… Central Illinois!
  17. The Fox “Tourie”.
  18. Trivia on Thursdays, live bands on Saturdays.
  19. “I hate God!”
  20. Shout out to Kevin at Harvest Cafe.

Thanks to Matt and all the gang for letting us hang out and have a great time talking about beers at an awesome local venue!  Make your way there if you get the chance!  And don’t let them make the ducky noise!!!


TBR 61 – Tazewell County Beer Events


CHUD free show???  Groucho has to wing it as he hits Delavan to do a show about all the current beer doings that are coming up here in November.  Beer “Doings” in Tazewell county!!!  Lets make this be the start of a trend!!!!

Beers on the show:

Goose Island Illinois, Will Wheaten Stone Brewing collaboration beer Woot Stout, Uinta Punk’n.

On the show:

  • Groucho and Kevin man the show from Hometown Wine and Spirits.
  • Bent River Beer dinner at Harvest Cafe…  November 14th!  309 244 7000
  • Josh is working up a menu!
  • Hop infused butter!
  • Craft Beer Tasting in Pekin!
  • The Beer Report and Crescent Sun Brewing with Pekin Main Street  association at the Speakeasy in Pekin on November 21st.
  • Boulevard Brewing gets purchased by Duval…  Greg Koch starts the name calling?
  • Goose Island… Honest opinions of what they have done since being bought by Anheuser Busch.
  • Oh…  Mitch Steele is still head brewer at Stone… He hasn’t left!
  • Will Wheaten Beer.
  • Hop butter tasting… Live and in person.
  • 3 Floyds?  Where are you in Illinois???
  • Beard talk?  World series sets Groucho off.
  • Ashley from Hometown Wine and Spirits says that beards add to a mans overall appearence!?!?
  • Groucho’s San Diego trip.
  • Incredi-beard.
  • Low Rise Jeans… Groucho has a problem with them apparently!
  • Old man clothes.

Beers on the show provided by The Harvest Cafe.  Thank you for all you guys do.  Special thanks to Ashley for letting us invade her store to do the show at Hometown Wine and Spirits.

Listen here:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebeerreport/TBR_61.mp3