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TBR 85 – Stephen Hale of Schlafly Brewing Company


Groucho sits down with Kevin (Harvest Cafe), Kyle (RJ Distributing Cicerone) and Stephen Hale (Schlafly Brewing Company Brewer) at the Harvest Cafe before their beer dinner with Schlafly Brewing.

This one starts off a bit slow…  I think that comes with Groucho not having warmed up with several beers and doing the show at the end of the night as we normally do.  Stephen Hale from Schlafly is probably one of the best guests we have ever had on the show, and its a shame we only had 39 minutes of interview time.  Next time we are gunning for that 4 hour show about all things happening in the brewing world.

Heres the biggest shame in this episode…  Its recorded before dinner.  You cant even imagine how good Chef Terry’s dinner was.  It was one of the best “beer” dinners I have done with any brewery or restaurant.  That is saying a lot.  Kudo’s to Harvest Cafe’s Kevin for putting on an excellent event and bringing together The Beer Report, Kyle and Stephen for this show.

On the show:

  1. The Kilt!
  2. Owning the St. Louis market.
  3. Lawn mower beer.
  4. Kolsch Education.
  5. Glassware talk.
  6. Groucho slams Watermelon Dorado by Ballast Point.  See, I didn’t edit this out Kyle!
  7. Beer Bubble!
  8. Distribution Philosophy.

You can get Schlafly beers at most decent liquor stores in Illinois and parts of the Midwest.  Yeah, Stephen spelled it out… We are special here…  And some of you cant get their stuff!

Theme song as always by Too Much Joy.  “Drunk and In Love”.  Better than any top 40 song of the same name.  Word is… Tim Quirk and the boys were recording a few weeks ago.  This could be a glorious year if we hear something new from them.  www.toomuchjoy.com

TBR 75 – The Beer News


Missed 74?  Dont worry, your not alone.  CHUD, Groucho and PJ recorded an episode at the Speakeasy Art Center that will show up here eventually… But it needs an epic edit in the meantime!

We did find time to steal away from Bianca and pull off a full 1 hour broadcast!  We rearranged some wires as well, and you might notices a little better sound on this show as well.

Beers on the show:  Bell’s Hop Slam 2015, Destihl Hoperation Overload, Schafly TIPA

On the show:

  • New announcer Dude
  • New TBR Rap!
  • The TBR Farm Report.
  • Adopt A Podcast.
  • CHUD and the Bianca are canoodling.
  • Budweiser Superbowl Ad.  Groucho and CHUD discuss.  #thisbudsforyou
  • The social network of craft-beer.
  • Hopslam Release parties.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings.  What happened to you?  Groucho recommends the Curry Spiced Buffalitos.
  • Sam Adams and Jim Koch complaining you don’t love his beer.
  • Just the Tip.
  • Serial Podcast on NPR.
  • Congrats to Should I Drink that for keeping the dream alive.
  • 10 Years on the air!?!?!
  • Too Much Joy.  Good Kill (Not Thanksgiving in Reno)
  • Destihl sours.  Seek them out!
  • Topics taken from Facebook post.
  • Rothgar
  • Brickstone Brewing.
  • ISIS.
  • http://www.Fiverr.com
  • TBR Beer Tasting at the Speakeasy Art Center.
  • $400.00 beer?
  • PJ Love.
  • Bianca ran out of gas.  She needed a trunk monkey!
  • Lagunitas vs Sierra Nevada over IPA logo.
  • Lagunitas dude… Stop tweeting!
  • Abita beers?  CBR says drink it!
  • Story of the lonely hipster who hates children…  And tried to find a seat at Destihl brewpub in Normal IL.
  • Greatful Dead concerts.
  • Superfan showdown.

Thanks for listening.  New shows sooner than later!  Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the local beer scene in Pekin.

Beers on the show purchased at UFS in Peoria and Friar Tuck in Peoria IL.

Music on the show courtesy of Tim Quirk from http://www.toomuchjoy.com.  Thanks guys for giving us awesome intro music for the last decade.


TBR 69 – The Fox Pub show 2

TBR 69
TBR 69

We had recorded this show directly following the last Fox Pub show last month…  We had wanted to make sure we put out the last one lickity-split, in order to get the word out on the North-side Beerfest.  (Which we heard was awesome!)

This show, we get a little more into the doing’s and business of the Fox Pub, and get Matt to defect questions left and right.  That means we are doing our jobs right?  We had a great time, and Rob (Central Illinois’ version of Bonus Beer Bob) makes sure we have some comedic interruptions.  Chad shows up with the bonus beer though… So, we may need to rethink the titles of these “extras”.

I have to admit… This show had me smiling all the way through on production.  I hope you enjoy it as much I did!  G

Beers on the show:  Stone 15th Anniversary Ale, Schlafly Raspberry Coffee Stout, Boulevard Coffee Ale.

On the show:

  1. Groucho got kicked out of Joe’s Brewery in Champaign. (20 years ago)
  2. Matt shares Anhesuer Busche’s latest canned offering.  (Didn’t even bother to spell check that!)
  3. Code for locals when a macros are ordered!
  4. Stone brewing talk and wishing we could be as cool as Greg Koch.
  5. Big Al’s talk.
  6. Matt deflects!
  7. Matt gives us the whole story on the Fox!  Beer is his passion!
  8. If Rob owned a bar…  Bad idea!
  9. Do what you love…  And you’ll never work a day in your life?  lol!
  10. Spaceball Quotes ensue with Raspberry beer!
  11. Rob’s whale farm.
  12. Tingle theme.
  13. Schlafly beers where Groucho’s gateway.
  14. Does Matt’s wife wear a fake smile?  We all wonder how she stayed in Central Illinois!
  15. Fox Pub bus trip to GABF.
  16. Growth market… Central Illinois!
  17. The Fox “Tourie”.
  18. Trivia on Thursdays, live bands on Saturdays.
  19. “I hate God!”
  20. Shout out to Kevin at Harvest Cafe.

Thanks to Matt and all the gang for letting us hang out and have a great time talking about beers at an awesome local venue!  Make your way there if you get the chance!  And don’t let them make the ducky noise!!!