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TBR 80 – The Harvest Cafe Show

TBR 80

Groucho gets the invite to hang in Delavan at Harvest Cafe and taste a couple of great Point Brewing beers to get us ready for Summer…  Then Kevin rolls out some secret beers and a massive BBQ plate to round everything out!

CHUD is home with the Chudlette and could not make the recording!  Hopefully, this is one of very few shows ever recorded without him!

Also on the show is Kyle from RJ Distributing.  He is the second Cicerone in the Peoria area.  We enjoy some banter between Kyle and Kevin later in the show as they discuss tap politics.

The show is over an hour!  Sorry.  You do need to stick around and hear about selfies with Auggie Busches exhumed body.  Just saying.

Beers on the show:  Point Brewing Session pale Ale, Point Brewing Siesta Key Pale Ale, Goose Island Sophie, Deschutes Disadent 2015 Reserve,  New Holland Vinilla Chia Dragons Milk.

On the show:

  1. Cicerone program.
  2. Fresh beer!
  3. Julian (Spell?) dates.
  4. Two week old beer!
  5. Porch Pounder???  Who coined that one?
  6. Cuban party with these Point beers?
  7. Kevin is the king of hugs!
  8. Groucho’s history lesson on his first visit to Harvest Cafe.
  9. Bourbon Barrel GI mistakenly priced.
  10. Shoutouts to local small bars…   Haynes on Main, Maquets and Kemps.
  11. No CHUD tonight!
  12. Kevin’s BBQ life lessons.  Make your kid the “Mop Boss”.
  13. Harvest Cafe fresh spring produce.
  14. The farm to table.  The real deal!
  15. The middle of everywhere…  Delavan IL.
  16. Bacteria!  The endless battle!
  17. Drink with your nose!
  18. Cheers Amy.
  19. Groucho gets to Soapbox.
  20. Fat Tire 25th Anniversary Beer Dinner at Harvest Cafe.  Mark your calender’s.  JUNE 21ST!!!! (Groucho, take your foot out of your mouth!)
  21. Sentimental Beer.
  22. Coor’s Banquet Beer gets a shout out!
  23. Kevin will not let the show end!!!!   More beer!
  24. BBQ Night at the Harvest Cafe!
  25. Halibut served with smashed Potatoes and local Ramps garnished with edible flowers.
  26. Kevin is becoming a foodie.
  27. Pork “Three times”.
  28. We all miss Grandpa Johns in Peoria.
  29. Kemp’s in Lexington talk edited out to protect ourselves from litigation!
  30. Kevin’s love for Notre Dame.
  31. Breakfast at Harvest.
  32. Jess, one of our “Number Ones”.
  33. Have you ever had a bad beer event…  Kevin answers all.
  34. Beer-tap wars.
  35. August Busches dead body would move some Budweiser at Harvest Cafe.
  36. Re-Grand Opening of the Exchange on April 9th!  Come down and check it out!
  38. THANK YOU KYLE from RJ Distributing.

Beers on the show are mostly Kevin’s private selections saved up for this dinner.

See you at the 2016 Peoria Jaycee’s Beerfest!

TBR 62 1/2 – Superbowl Special 2014


TBR Superbowl 2014
TBR Superbowl 2014

Groucho and CHUD lay down the facts and subtle nuances that might make or break your Superbowl wagers.  Also, this commentary will help you non-football fans sound knowledgeable when you show up and uber-NFL fans house for the big game.

We are here to help!

Beer on the show: 2010 Envious by New Holland Brewing.

On the show:

  1. The Greatest little podcast in Central Illinois?
  2. Russel Wilson love.
  3. Match-ups!
  4. Weather factor?
  5. PJ…  Apologies!
  6. Bi-Polar Vortex!
  7. Olympics in Chicago???  Glad we missed it!
  8. Predictions.
    1. CHUD:  Denver 32 – 26
    2. Groucho:  Denver  31 – 27
  9. The Tom Brady beat-down! Check the You Tube video of his High Five fails!
  10. Seattle has a rock sculpture of a rock at the Seahawk stadium???  For real?
  11. Duck tours???  CHUD really?
  12. Stratford on Avon bus tour.   Drinking fresh Spitfire.
  13. Hoperation Overload from Destihl will be out soon!  Canned Destihl beer!!!
  14. CHUD says try the Goat Cheese stuffed Meatballs!
  15. Groucho, not a Doctor Who fan!
  16. VERY SPECIAL INTERVIEW WITH Payton Manning.  (Or was that a Dalek?)
  17. Cigar Store Indian equates to Dalek when making sports to geek comparisons!  Neither has legs to move around out of the pocket…  Now do you get the reference???
  18. Podcast awards!
  19. CHUD looks like a complete dumb-ass speaking of home-team advantage.
  20. Carlin and Hicks Sword-fighting in heaven!
  21. Go to the Exchange in Delavan or Destihl in Normal to watch the game!!!

Beer on the show almost certainly purchased at Friar Tuck in Bloomington IL…  A long time ago!

Direct link:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebeerreport/TBR_62_and_a_Half_-_Superbowl_show.mp3