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TBR 83 –


Its been a while since we sat down for a PURE Beer Report…  Finally, Groucho and CHUD sit down and have a few beers and ramble about all things common and uncommon about art, Pekin and beer.

TBR 82?  Its a smattering of Facebook videos from the Peoria Beerfest… We will see what we can make of those later.

Beers on the show: Leinenkugel Grapefruit Shandy, 3 Floyd’s Yum Yum, Cathedral Square Brewing.

On the show:

  1. Long time out of TBR studios saddles!
  2. The Shandy Style.  Groucho lays it out for you newbies!
  3. Hot chicks like fruity beers!
  4. Fragglerock reference?
  5. The sad truth of Zika.
  6. The Sprecher Brewery tour.
  7. PBC upheaval.
  8. My Little Brony.
  9. The gender thing and raging hormones of children.
  10. LGBT bathrooms.
  11. 3 Floyds vs Illinois seems like constant drama.
  12. Dark Lord Day 2016…  The horror story.
  13. 30 second lecture on the value of art.
  14. The token PJ mention.
  15. PABN…  Groucho might get evicted for mentioning the groups existence.
  16. The DLD arrest story.
  17. Gambling machines… The scourge of Illinois.
  18. Internet…  Is it bad or good?  2 pod-casters discuss.
  19. Ballast Point Dorado… With Watermelon.  Groucho rates is a ZERO!
  20. Shoutout to Drunken Lullabies…  Dustin and the gang are knocking out shows.
  21. Destihl love.
  22. CHUD hits Pekin for a night on the town after watching wrestling in Peoria.
  23. 64oz of sadness.
  24. Friend’s bar in Pekin.
  25. Do Lutherans have Saints?
  26. Karaoke… White trash entertainment?
  27. Russia and Missouri have a lot in common.  We would probably get along great with redneck Russians.
  28. Art break!  Graphic Novel talk.
  29. Ignorance is bliss.
  30. CHUD will not tweet!

Summer Shandy purchased anywhere in the Midwest…  Yum Yum picked up at a small liquor store in Attica Indiana…  Cathedral Street picked up at Friar Tuck Bloomington.