Episode CHUMP

Brother Chump comes in from his most recent tour with the Damon Fowler Group, and shares a few beers and stories with his older and younger brothers.

Beers on the show: Hobgoblin English Ale, Scarecrow Pale Ale and Negro Modella. Others discussed include Fat Tire, Bud Light, Connolly’s Irish Ale and the Great Lakes Brewing Company.

  • CHUD is beat mercilessly about his relations with the opposite sex. In the public interest, CHUD is edited from giving us TMI.
  • CHUMP shares a stories from the road and about the graceful Mrs. CHUMP.
  • Groucho tries to show a sensitive side when he criticizes the Coor’s Lite “Twins” advertising campaign.
  • Song interlude to cover CHUD’s tail provided by the Damon Fowler Group off their latest CD, Live at Skipper’s Smokehouse.

All show materials purchased in Pekin at Broadway Liquors.

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Episode 5

Beer Report #5 – Full Moon Fever Edition!

Incredible Testicled Can Episode!

  • Old Speckled Hen, Wexford’s Irish Creme Ale and The Reverend.
  • Little CHUD indulges us in a story of Guiness Goggles.
  • Anonymous Mike is called out.
  • Malt Liquor show in the future?

All show materials purchased in Pekin at Broadway Liquors.

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Episode 4 – Classic British Beers


After a great step forward in the recording of episode 3, we take 2 steps back!

We tried 2 microphones, and the gain ran amuck! While it had crossed our minds to scrap this whole recording, there are a few bits that make it redeeming.

See manifest below.

  • Beer of comment: Old Speckled Hen, Flying Dog Pale Ale, Hobgoblin and Rolling Rock.
  • Ms. “Drunk Dial” calls up little CHUD for a little cross country nookie.
  • Calling all other TRHH listeners “out”

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