Christmas Rerun 2005

Its that special time of the year… And we haven’t produced squat… So, why not pull out this classic from the TBR vault.

Groucho and CHUD talking about Ever-clear Channel Christmas parties, strip clubs and Dean Martin singing a classic.  (Not Baby its cold outside.)

Cuddle up by a tire fire and enjoy this 13 year old gem.

Wet and looking for a brew in Bloomington

I find myself in Bloomington tonight with an hour to spare…. You know I am going to hit a brewery! It would be especially nice if I could hit one that I have not tasted before!

I yelped it…. Keg Grove is two miles away. Through a torrential downpour…. I head across town to try some of the young breweries flavors. I pull in and sit in my car as rain dumps by the gallons.

Looks pretty dead inside…. I check Yelp. They are closed. Argh! It’s cool. There are other breweries in town. I look up Little Beaver. CLOSED! How about White Oak? CLOSED! Well, I know Destihl is open, but by now, I am down to about 60 minutes.

HyVee! It’s like angels called down with the suggestion. It’s close and won’t take much time to get served. Oh and they have an Electric car charging station I can use for my Prius Plugin.

It’s still dumping rain btw. I head to HyVee and park in the electric parking. I hop out of the car in the rain and discover that these charging stations are a new variety that I do not have in my google wallet. I’m properly damp when I jump into the car to download the correct ap and secure my paypal account to it. I leap out with a quickness and smash my phone up against the interface, hoping that physical brutality will assist in making this charge port work more quickly. Nope. After it goes through the faux authorization animations…. it finally makes the distinctive click that comes when a charging station has released its charge “fill nozzle”. We are live and charging.

To say that I am wet after this side adventure in an understatement! I’m soaked!

The writers room

I step inside to HyVee and drip up to bar. Look at that…. They have the local brews! Destihl, Little Beaver, White Oak and Keg Grove! Why…. Why was this not my first stop?

I start with a Keg Grove, Any Direction you Choose. It’s an IPA that satisfies for a cold beer on a crappy night. Unfortunately though it’s small brewery blandness underwhelms and I am not sure I would order it again.

Next up, Little Beaver, Puh Puh Puh. It’s an American Porter. If you advertise American Porter… I expect some hops. I am hoping for for Revolution “Eugene”. Instead.. I am getting something akin to Bent River Stout. To it’s credit, for a small batch porter, it’s pretty flavorful. The more I drink it, the more I appreciate its complexity. Not a bad brew.

Let’s take stock of the night. If it’s early in the week, skip the small breweries in town. They are working their day jobs! If it’s dumping rain, skip the charging station. You won’t get enough juice out of that charger to make a soaking wet shirt worth your while. If you find yourself in need of the local flavors, get to HyVee! They have a beer selection that is completely centered on the local guys. That is pretty cool and it’s obvious that someone is doing their job at the grocery store!



Drunk at the Movies – Pretty in Pink



We are back!  Groucho, The Voice and Daryl are sitting down and finishing the John Hughes/Molly Ringwald trilogy that started with 16 Candles.

For whatever reason… This one gets a little out of hand.  Groucho was in rare form as he came up with new band names with his imbibed outbursts.  Enjoy classics like:  “Thursday Night Potts”, “Hit Her Harry”, and the soon to be popular “Mattlocks Pajamas”.

TBR 95 – Day Drinking

I am not sure if we have done this in eons… Had a few beers during daylight hours and recorded. Consider this a fluke event!

Groucho and CHUD sit down to some new and old IPA’s and dig out some anger from Groucho that has built up after seeing untalented women attempt to paint at the local bar.

Beers on the show: La Cumbre Elevation IPA, O’Fallon 5 Day IPA with a Chinook dryhop addition (from CHUDS wedding firkin!), Groucho’s Mouth Full of Pennies IPA.

On the show:

  1. Soundscan Figures.
  2. Supermodel Vaginal Beer
  3. Alaska!
  4. BBC pseudo science documentary about the super volcano in Yellowstone.
  5. Groucho fishes!  Coor’s Light in hand.
  6. CHUD is a mountain hater.
  7. CHUDco farms?  Suggestions for crops?
  8. Great American Beer Festival…
  9. Homeless Hoopmaster call out!!!
  10. 8 year old IPA.
  11. Garlic and Goats?
  12. Vino and Van Gogh…  Groucho nearly strokes out with rage.
  13. Suicide attempt averted in the Pacific Northwest…
  14. Ruthless Groucho.
  15. Social Media.
  16. Concert stage at CHUDco farms?  The new Woodstock?
  17. McDonald’s French Fries will cure baldness?
  18. Groucho has another Podcast???
  19. Our best Robin Williams imitations?  A Wish for Wings that Work shout-out.
  21. The REAL community is your local community…  Get off the internet!
  22. Layers…  Midwestern Layers.
  23. Podcast reviews…  Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast.  Adam Corolla Show.   Tom Pappa Love.
  24. Sorry Adam… I’m not paying for the Master Course.
  25. Penny dreadful IPA.
  26. The Peoria Podcast Initiative.
  27. Mormons…  Don’t listen to this show please.
  28. Plug for CHUD to do a Drunken Lullabies show.

Thanks for listening!

Le Cumbre beer donated by a friend of the show.




Drunk at the Movies – The Breakfast Club

The “Dream Team” is back!  Groucho, The Voice and Dr. Rusty drink a few brews during the South Pekin fireworks and watch the John Hughes classic “The Breakfast Club”.

Along the way… Groucho confesses his love to those Molly Ringwald lips…  Even more so than Victoria Jackson’s from UHF.

The Voice is back on the couch with The Dream Team: Groucho & Dr Rusty from the new podcast Throwing Wrenches. Join us as we drink some craft beers, watch the film, and talk all about a variety of topics. Of course, we encourage you to do the same, especially with some beer from our sponsor Bearded Owl Brewing. So grab some beer, describe the ruckus, raid Barry Manilow’s wardrobe, crash thru a ceiling, and make me a turkey pot pie. If you like what you hear, or if you have a movie suggestion, be sure to send feedback to and Rate, Review, & Subscribe so you never miss an episode.

TBR 94 – The Near Beer Report

Don’t count us out!  Groucho and CHUD find a bit of time to sit down and knock out a quick, one beer show.   Can we call it a one beer show when the brew in question is a “Near Beer”?

It was also a chance for us to talk Bourdain.  We have been blown away by the suicide of Anthony Bourdain and it still eats at us that a guy that we all looked up to and idolized would throw it all away.  CHUD and Groucho talk it over and try to make some sense of it.. But also pay tribute to what is his legacy.

Beer on the show:  Bravus IPA

On the show:

  1. New equipment for recording?
  2. Auto racing in Florida.
  3. Groucho tries to get CHUD to identify that the beer is missing alcohol!!!!
  4. A little love for the “Near Beer”
  5. Anthony Bourdain and how his influence led to shows like ours.
  6. Guy thing?
  7. Hemmingway comparison?
  8. New place in Pekin?  Long overdue!  West Dublin Pub.
  9. Love for Maquets Railhouse.
  10. Bloomington is pissing CHUD off!
  11. So much brewery action in Bloomington Normal!!!  Keg Grove… Little Beaver…  White Oaks.  My God Central Illinois.  Drink some local beer…  Somethings going to bust and dont realize the embarrassment of riches you have right now.
  12. Kemp’s Upper Tap love!  If your near Lexington… Get there!
  13. CHUD hates midwest resturant service!
  14. Managers!!!  Stop expediting!
  15. Flood warning!
  16. Bourdain might have liked this show???  lol.  The “what-if’s” are very plausable!
  17. Groucho is not cleaning the turkey!

Thanks for listening!  Lets hope its a shorter span before the next show!

Beer on the show provided by PJ…  The man…  The myth…  The legend.   Thanks for the brew!

Drunk at the Movies – Sixteen Candles

We are back at it… Groucho, Dustin and Daryl… The self proclaimed, DATM “Dream Team” sit down on the couch and watch another John Hughes classic…  16 Candles.   This episode is tame compared to the last time we sat down together…  No Beer Nerd slander for this crew anymore.  Well, unless its warranted…   See us at Weird Science.

Is it weird for a 40 year old man to pine for a 16 year old Molly Ringwald?  Asking for a friend.

From the Drunk at the Movies page:

The Voice is back on the couch with the self proclaimed DATM Dream Team (Daryl & Groucho from The Beer Report) for another fun filled episode. Listen along as we watch this John Hughes classic while we enjoy some great craft beers. Of course, we encourage you to do the same, especially from Iron Spike Brewing Company. So grab some beer, get felt up by your grandma, borrow some panties, and yanky your wanky. If you like what you hear, or if you have a movie suggestion, be sure to send feedback to and Rate, Review, & Subscribe so you never miss an episode.

TBR 93 – Burn it all Down

Its been too long!  Groucho brings the gear box over the CHUD’s stately manor to create a nearly produced recording.  We have new Microphones… So, fine tuning will need to be worked on.

Beers on the show:  Alaskan Husky IPA, Revolution Amarillo IPA, Cooper’s Australian IPA, 2017 Stone Xocoveza Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout, 2013 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout.

On the show:

  1. WCHD – Podcasting from the CHUD’s house.
  2. No Zoom recording tonight.
  3. Changes at the CHUD house.
  4. 3 Floyds Brewery expansion?  Point – Counterpoint.  Bloomington has 4 breweries???
  5. Bearded Owl praise.  State and Water corner is a winner.
  6. Stone suing Keystone?
  7. No more “Metal” readings?
  8. The satanic monument being planned for the old Bloomington Courthouse in Bloomington IL.
  9. Frank Lloyd Wright is overrated!!!???!!!
  10. The CHUD rants!
  11. The CHUD rants again.

Two rants in one show…  Thats a feat not accomplished by TBR in a few years!  Way to go CHUD!

Beers on the show mostly picked up at Broadway Liquors in Pekin Illinois.  Support your local beer store!


TBR – One for the Road – Groucho and PJ in Dallas

Possibly the most frequent guest on the TBR is our superfan PJ.  He is nearly acquired the title as guest-host!  Its fine by us… He does a great job holding up this episode.

Groucho, as usual, is running around somewhere in the United States and finds out that PJ is close by and wants to do a show.

Recorded in the Dallas Airport Hyatt lobby bar… It doesn’t get much better than that!  Does it?  Groucho is thinking of doing a few episodes with folks with his remote setup, and will call those “One for the Road”.  Look for more episodes like this in the future.

Beers on the show:  Revolver Iron Head IPA, 4 corners Local Buzz, Rahr and Sons Texas Red Amber, Lakewood Temptress Imperial Milk Stout.  All Dallas based beers… All delicious.

On the show:

  1. Brazilian Steakhouse eating strategies.
  2. Putting Fish in your jacket?
  3. PJ’s lecture on these stupid Texas u-turns!
  4. The Replublic of Texas!
  5. Stow and go???  Really PJ?
  6. Groucho jacked the order of the stops.
  7. TRAVEL!
  8. Scotts Cheap Flights?  PJ’s hookup.
  9. Gin?
  10. Oingo Boingo talk.

We get long on this one…  But… Thats what bar hopping does to you!


DATM – Ferris Buellers Day Off

This is a fun one…  Groucho gets to sit in with Dustin and Daryl for another Drunk at the Movies.  This time…  We watch the classic John Hughes movie that everyone in America can probably quote at some point.  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Let it be said upfront…  Groucho did get a little rough with the Peoria Beer Nerds secret society.  At one point…  We all broke down.  Kinda like Cameron’s relationship with his father.

Years ago…  The Beer Report used to apologize for unruly statements or flippant remarks on previous shows…  I am going to go ahead and apologize to Rothgar.  I was rude and rowdy for effect and I was not trying to be mean to him.  I love that guy!  It was a cheap shot at sensationalism.  I’m sorry… It was the beer talking!  The other stuff I said…  Hmmmmm…  Felt pretty honest!


From Drunken Lullabies:

The Voice is back on the couch for his favorite movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Joining him are returning guests Daryl & Groucho. We enjoy some great craft beers during the movie, and encourage you to do the same. So grab some beer, lick your palms, and make sure to stop and look around for a second. If you like what you hear, or if you have a movie suggestion, be sure to send feedback to and Rate, Review, & Subscribe so you never miss an episode.


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