TBR 86 – Crowler


Groucho comes back from San Diego and brings back some fresh Stone Brewing Beer.  Not Arrogant Brewing…  That would be confusing.  Wait a second… That is confusing!  What the Hell are they doing out there in Escondido with the brewery names???   Thats for a different show.

Anyway.  Groucho brings back a “crowler” of Stone Brewing Ripper IPA. Its a great way to start a new string of shows!

This show was recorded on International Podcast Day, September 30th 2016.  For whatever that is worth!

On the show:

  1. Crowler???
  2. Groucho has been spending time with other podcasts.  Sorry CHUD.
  3. San Diego Homecoming of sorts?
  4. Groucho cant pour a beer!
  5. Kevin’s excuses to abandon us do not hold water.
  6. Flashback…  Dude Night Podcast and some TBR history.
  7. Stone Brewing Restaurant is great for kids.
  8. Lost Abbey Tequila Farmhouse Ale.  Amazing.  Seek it out.
  9. Groucho’s love of the 5oz sample.
  10. 32 North Brewing gets us a beer on the house.
  11. Little Miss Brewing.
  12. Groucho has forgotten how good a Pliny is.
  13. Watermelon Dorado gets bashed again…  Sorry… Cant refrain.
  14. International Podcast Day 2016 – Wave your freak flags people!
  15. Podcast life skills.
  16. Political Talk.  Debate Talk.
  17. “Trump was on coke” says the Chud.
  18. Election predictions?
  19. We wind the show up in politics…  Sorry!
  20. Chud doesn’t dig the Stone as much as Groucho.

Thanks for listening!  New show from live in the Ale Smith Brewery with Hogdawg coming soon!

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