TBR 79 –


Welcome to 2016!

Groucho and CHUD sit down with an extra special bottle of 2013 DeStihl St Dekkera Excommunie Quatre.  From Barrels:  136, 138, 139 and 140.  Thanks to Shane!

On the show:

  1. We are fresh out of ideas…  We posted some questions on the Facebook page asking for ideas.
  2. Sours are the new IPA’s???
  3. Groucho’s tweet war.  @peorialawyer will get a tweet from Groucho in 3 years.
  4. CHUD…  Still like that Trump guy?
  5. Lemmy is dead!
  6. Glenn Campbell documentary.
  7. State of craft beer after the revolution.
  8. January 29th… Get with Groucho and CHUD at the VIP area and lets talk craft beer!
  9. New Brewery/PUB in Peoria…  Groucho gets flamed for being skeptical.
  10. A new podcast in Pekin!!!! Drunken Lullabies!
  11. Don’t make me sue you!

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