TBR – Special Edition – 10th Anniversary Show


10 years kids!  Who would have thought that Groucho and CHUD could start a little show in July 2005 and keep it going consistently (fairly) for the last ten years.  Certainly not us!

Beers on the show:  “Weez” and “Mean Old Tom” by Maine Brewing Company.

On the Show:

  1. Jakyl intro!
  2. The Drunk Dial.
  3. The Names:  Groucho & CHUD.
  4. 10 years of progress in Craft Beer in Central Illinois.
  5. Gravyfest Shoutout!
  6. YouTube.
  7. Broadway Liquors sustained the show the first three years of the show.
  8. Biaggi’s review from years ago.
  9. Farm to Table in Central Illinois is finally coming!
  10. Live from Gravyfest!  Bubby and Doc.
  11. CHUD Rant!  Whats gone wrong with the world in the last 10 years!
  12. Trump?
  13. Bloom County is Back!!!!
  14. VHS games!!!
  15. Groucho’s guilt.  TBR confessions!
  16. Grapefruit Shandy!  Killer Leinie!
  17. The Future of TBR!
  18. KITH Quote!
  19. To Reg!
  20. Shoutout to Superfans!
  21. CHUD’s favorite episode:  4
  22. Still embarrassed about mocking Avery Hog Heaven.
  23. One last shoutout to Jeff and Greg at Craftbeer Radio…  And a promise to podcast longer!

Now… If you listened all the way through, you might be questioning the resolve of the owners of this show to be the beer crazed nuts that we have been in the past.  We still love beer… We still love hanging out with each other…  But the fact of the matter is…  CHUD now has a life as well!  Its going to be hard to pretend that we can get away with this much bad behavior forever!  We will still be out and about.  We will still hang and record.  But, events and launches are back burner events at this point.

PLEASE GOD…  Isn’t there anyone else in Peoria Beercasting to fill the void???  Kinda shocking that there is not!  There seems to be a beer podcast in every town over 30,000 people!

Beers purchased at some cool co-op in Vermont.  Thanks to the “dude” for help grabbing some cool beer!

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