TBR 75 – The Beer News


Missed 74?  Dont worry, your not alone.  CHUD, Groucho and PJ recorded an episode at the Speakeasy Art Center that will show up here eventually… But it needs an epic edit in the meantime!

We did find time to steal away from Bianca and pull off a full 1 hour broadcast!  We rearranged some wires as well, and you might notices a little better sound on this show as well.

Beers on the show:  Bell’s Hop Slam 2015, Destihl Hoperation Overload, Schafly TIPA

On the show:

  • New announcer Dude
  • New TBR Rap!
  • The TBR Farm Report.
  • Adopt A Podcast.
  • CHUD and the Bianca are canoodling.
  • Budweiser Superbowl Ad.  Groucho and CHUD discuss.  #thisbudsforyou
  • The social network of craft-beer.
  • Hopslam Release parties.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings.  What happened to you?  Groucho recommends the Curry Spiced Buffalitos.
  • Sam Adams and Jim Koch complaining you don’t love his beer.
  • Just the Tip.
  • Serial Podcast on NPR.
  • Congrats to Should I Drink that for keeping the dream alive.
  • 10 Years on the air!?!?!
  • Too Much Joy.  Good Kill (Not Thanksgiving in Reno)
  • Destihl sours.  Seek them out!
  • Topics taken from Facebook post.
  • Rothgar
  • Brickstone Brewing.
  • ISIS.
  • http://www.Fiverr.com
  • TBR Beer Tasting at the Speakeasy Art Center.
  • $400.00 beer?
  • PJ Love.
  • Bianca ran out of gas.  She needed a trunk monkey!
  • Lagunitas vs Sierra Nevada over IPA logo.
  • Lagunitas dude… Stop tweeting!
  • Abita beers?  CBR says drink it!
  • Story of the lonely hipster who hates children…  And tried to find a seat at Destihl brewpub in Normal IL.
  • Greatful Dead concerts.
  • Superfan showdown.

Thanks for listening.  New shows sooner than later!  Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the local beer scene in Pekin.

Beers on the show purchased at UFS in Peoria and Friar Tuck in Peoria IL.

Music on the show courtesy of Tim Quirk from http://www.toomuchjoy.com.  Thanks guys for giving us awesome intro music for the last decade.


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