TBR 72 – Sweetwater Brewing – Red Hot Mama


Bianca is back!  Adopt A Podcast dot Org is really helping this show come along!!!

We had picked a bottle of Red Hot Mama last winter down in Florida at Total Wine in Fort Myers Florida.  For those of you who don’t remember…  It was skunked!  So much so that we threw out a tweet stating that fact.  Well, Sweetwater was not going to let that stand…  They quickly contacted us and asked to get a new bottle out ASAP.  Wish we could say we got a new show out that fast!

Finally, we had the opportunity to taste this one on air…  It was worth a second try!  Great beer with a much heavier feel than we expected along with nice tart hops.

Beers on teh show:  Dank Tank Replacement of Red Hot Mama via Sweetwater Brewing Company.

On the show:

  1. Look at those nails!
  2. Replacement Beers.
  3. Red or Pink?  Do these nails match my BMW?
  4. CHUD’s thinking very clearly
  5. Dank Tank, scratching their itch!
  6. Getting PDiddy on the show?  Go Bianca’s dad!
  7. Our long list of sponsors…
    1. Everclear Channel
    2. Icelandic Trust
    3. XXX Brewing Company
    4. Citadel Hotel
    5. Adoptapodcast.org
  8. Rick Dowland has some new ideas for a beer game.
  9. CHUD needs a cream.
  10. Lionel Richey?  Bianca loves Nicole!
  11. CHUD loves Lutherans.

Beer on the show provided by Sweetwater Brewing Company – Thank you for being a active listener and picking up the slack that Total Wine missed!

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