TBR 68 – The Speakeasy Fundraiser Postshow


Groucho and CHUD were once again part of the craft-beer tasting at the Speakeasy in Pekin IL. We were happy be a part of this fundraiser again. Word on the street is that we will be doing this again on December 4th or 5th.

About halfway through the show we get into a great conversation with Shane and Bryan about beer tastes and what people are going for now.

On the show:

  • Dude that CHUD knows? Reviews all the beers…
  • We do not endorse his IPA stance. Personally, mowed grass is a great think to be drinking in our books!
  • Nightcrawler Dan says hi.
  • One of Groucho’s employees stops by.
  • Second half of the show is all Groucho, Shane and Bryan.
  • Shane Wicklund from Wolfe Distributing and Bryan Harlan from Baumgarten Distributing talk with Groucho about working an event like this.
  • Why we love it… How we can work together…
  • Then it becomes a conversation about Destihl and what they are up to. Kudos to Bryan for letting us talk about a competitor at length. He is owed his fair share of air time now!

Look for the Matt Rixner show out soon. Like 1 week!!! Sorry for the delay!  I was going to lump it in here… But its not fair to the Fox and Matt to play second fiddle on a podcast!!!

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