Odell Brewing Co. Cutthroat Porter

Whenever I head out of town… I like to effort some new beer purchases for the Beer Report Cellars.  Inevitably I end up with far more than we can drink on shows!  So, its ideal that we have this new forum to share some of the other beers we drink off the air!

Tonight, after driving home from Denver…  I am happy to try some Odell Brewing beer.  They are from Fort Collins Colorado.  I can get a ton of Colorado Beers here.  But have not seen Odell on the local racks yet.


Wow… Smooth!  It seems like most of the American Porters I have been getting lately have been gung ho on roast, bitterness or smoke.  This beer, even not very chilled, is smooth like milk!  I love that.  The extreme beer drinkier might say that is some kind of flavor weakness… But I would say that balance has a much greater value for good beers.  This beer is balanced… It is warm and inviting.  Flavorful.  Fresh and clean tasting.   A little thick like a porter should be. 

Overall a great drinker.  Cheers to Odell Brewing.

Rating… Using CHUD’s new scale 3.5 IBU’s.

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