TBR 62 1/2 – Superbowl Special 2014


TBR Superbowl 2014
TBR Superbowl 2014

Groucho and CHUD lay down the facts and subtle nuances that might make or break your Superbowl wagers.  Also, this commentary will help you non-football fans sound knowledgeable when you show up and uber-NFL fans house for the big game.

We are here to help!

Beer on the show: 2010 Envious by New Holland Brewing.

On the show:

  1. The Greatest little podcast in Central Illinois?
  2. Russel Wilson love.
  3. Match-ups!
  4. Weather factor?
  5. PJ…  Apologies!
  6. Bi-Polar Vortex!
  7. Olympics in Chicago???  Glad we missed it!
  8. Predictions.
    1. CHUD:  Denver 32 – 26
    2. Groucho:  Denver  31 – 27
  9. The Tom Brady beat-down! Check the You Tube video of his High Five fails!
  10. Seattle has a rock sculpture of a rock at the Seahawk stadium???  For real?
  11. Duck tours???  CHUD really?
  12. Stratford on Avon bus tour.   Drinking fresh Spitfire.
  13. Hoperation Overload from Destihl will be out soon!  Canned Destihl beer!!!
  14. CHUD says try the Goat Cheese stuffed Meatballs!
  15. Groucho, not a Doctor Who fan!
  16. VERY SPECIAL INTERVIEW WITH Payton Manning.  (Or was that a Dalek?)
  17. Cigar Store Indian equates to Dalek when making sports to geek comparisons!  Neither has legs to move around out of the pocket…  Now do you get the reference???
  18. Podcast awards!
  19. CHUD looks like a complete dumb-ass speaking of home-team advantage.
  20. Carlin and Hicks Sword-fighting in heaven!
  21. Go to the Exchange in Delavan or Destihl in Normal to watch the game!!!

Beer on the show almost certainly purchased at Friar Tuck in Bloomington IL…  A long time ago!

Direct link:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebeerreport/TBR_62_and_a_Half_-_Superbowl_show.mp3

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