Belated Christmas 2013


Groucho and CHUD sit down on Christmas night 2013 to hammer out one last show of the year.  But, being your typical brothers who hang out in the basement, we didnt get this Christmas card out till after the new year.  Its the thought that counts right?

The show is a little long, but we were not dragging bottom anywhere.  Lots of topics and some interesting beer.

Merry Christmas!  (Or whatever pagan ritual based religious event you celebrate at the solstice!)

Beers on the show: Winter Yule Smith, Robinsons Brewery The Trooper!, Jester King’s Blackmetal Farmhouse Imperial Stout.

On the show:

  1. Rocktober!
  2. New Maureen Ogle book…  About MEAT!
  3. CHUD’s whiskey mojo.
  4. Cred back to Hog Dawg for this gifted mixer that is still going strong.
  5. The Pekin Beer Tasting.  Success!
  6. Shout outs to Rob and Chauncey!
  7. CHUDs X’s…  Getting heaped up.
  8. Business cards!  I’m rolling like Rick from
  9. Local shows bring our numbers down???
  10. A TBR Sumble???  Is that spelled right CHUD?
  11. CHUD’s thumbnail sketch of British Military prowess.
  12. Iron Maiden talk…  Groucho plays along…  And takes it to One Direction talk!
  13. PJ!  He’s the one making bank on that ticket!
  14. Uncle CHUD is going to abandon Grouho’s kids.
  15. Is there a tap handle for this beer?
  16. Hand Crafted?  A devalued phrase.
  17. What are the best Eddie posters?
  18. DJ Ashba talk:  @DjASHBA
  19. B-Dubs sucks per CHUD.  Groucho says get the Buffalitos.
  20. Bent River Beer dinner at Harvest Cafe.  Groucho saw this brewer was making beer for Goods Furniture in Kewanee…  And declined purchasing the beer based on that brewery.
  21. Congrats to Peoria Brewing company.  Funding is secured.  What is the Miller Distribution angle?
  22. Whats a good night for a beer tasting?
  23. Matilda…  Still good.
  24. Brewery bubbles!  Oh My!
  25. Mikey Mason…  Wheres my Kickstarter shit?
  26. OK…  Who is up for a The Beer Report beer tour of Chicago?  We need to get a heads count!
  28. Jesterking brewing…  We love what you have done with this beer bottle.
  29. Forgot the drinking horn!
  30. Black metal should sound like this tastes!
  31. Twitter?  Why bother?
  32. Secret Beer Handshakes?  Groucho is sick of businesses having secret ways to get decent beers.  UFS failed me!
  33. The beer passion?
  35. CHUD’s new blog on Facebook:
  36. Year End Thank You’s!


Links to great people who helped bring the Pekin Beer Tasting to fruition:

Beers on the show purchased at Broadway Liquors in Pekin Illinois and Bine and Wine in San Diego.


6 thoughts on “Belated Christmas 2013”

  1. Miller, or Baumgarten is not involved with Peoria Brewing Company financially. They were kind enough to host an event for us, seeing that we still brew in my garage.

    I’ll take my dollars or donuts now.

    Todd Hayes from Peoria Brewing Company

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