Hometown Wine & Spirits in Delavan


Kevin Myszkowski (Yeah, I had to copy and paste that) from The Harvest Cafe in Delavan rolled out the red carpet after asking us to do a show from the adjoining Wine shop, Hometown Wine & Spirits.

Ashley “Bird” Burdette (Hometown Manager) joins us to give us a brief education on Wine during the show as well.

Surprisingly good sound from the Groucho’s travel set-up. Sorry Groucho is over-modulated initially… Dont worry… I over-modulated Kevin and CHUD later in the show.

We do ring this show up to 85 Minutes… Sorry! We were having too much fun and there is not a lot of waste here. Kevin is like a top… Wind him up, and let him go!

Beers on the show: Wild Onion Hopslayer (In a Pint!), Finches Fascist Pig, Lagunitas Lil Sump’n, Darkhorse Brewing Plead the 5th, Darkhorse Brewing Scotte Karate

On the show:

  • An introduction to Hometown Wine & Spirits.
  • Hop Heads will love Delavan! Awesome beers in Delavan!
  • The Exchange will be opening soon! 12 craft taps! Nitro tap as well!
  • Farm to table at Harvest Cafe. Cameron Urban rocked the PARC/EPIC competition.
  • Craft beer can love.
  • Kevin might take CHUD’s place!
  • The Dela-Van.
  • Thomas Mathers Distillery.
  • Groucho starts the negotiations… How much Rhubarb…???
  • 3 Wine Swines.
  • Kevin loves Delavan!
  • Revolution Brewing conversation.
  • Inkling Ap… Is whipped out for a few seconds.
  • Metal Voice CHUD!
  • Limited amount of F-Bombs… Sorry!
  • Wine Bar… Defined! Ashley sits in and gives us some tips for wine.
  • Get your Zinfandel at Casey’s down the street!
  • New Menu’s daily… Kevin shares some of the secrets of what goes on behind the scenes with the staff.
  • More negotiations… What will one walleye bring?
  • TBR takeover??? Twist our arm!
  • Kevin is an AM radio dude as well.
  • Lagunitas loves to party? Kev says so!
  • Ryan Sandburg = Yoda of Beer.
  • Darklord Day talk.
  • Marketplace Selections, RJ and Specialty all supply the variety of beers on tap.
  • Boris the Crusher in Delavan???
  • Lots of laughs… As we have consumed plenty of great beer!
  • Delavan Love. Again!
  • Groucho finally negotiates a pint!
  • Final Beer… Lets kill this thing!
  • CHUD does a completely racist interpretation of the Scotte Karate label.
  • Wrap up.


DirectLink: http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebeerreport/TBR_Special_Edition_-_Hometown_Wine.mp3

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