Episode 36 – Night of the living dead beers

Kinda early for Halloween! But, this zombie beer show certainly will scare any beer drinker!

Groucho and CHUD are joined by AB for a rapid fire taste test of some year old IPA’s… Its not pretty, so I will warn you now. Also, apologies in advance to any brewery who had a beer on the show… This was not a fair shake!

In all fairness to Clarke… We let him have a shot at rebuttal on the show… Listen in as Clarke throws in his 2 cents during the show.

Beers on the show: Clarkehead Homebrew IPA, Sand Creak Brewing Company Wild Ride IPA, LaCroix sparkling water, Green Valley Brewing Organic Wildhop lager, 2 Brothers Heavy Handed IPA, Founders Dry-Hopped Pale Ale, Dogfishhead Aprihop, Clarkehead Cider

Also of note:

  • Craft-beer Radiohead.
  • Back to the beer future.
  • Home-brew from Clarke, check out his new show at http://zeroface.wordpress.com
  • Good Beer Show, TBR and Big Foamy Head collide on GBS 127. (http://www.goodbeershow.com/)
  • Pecker gnats.
  • Low F-Bomb count show. Peer pressure from 3 dimensional podcasts?
  • Fu….. Kin….. A
  • First F-Bomb casualty.
  • Year old beers.
  • Groucho cursed too much on ep 35.
  • Paranoia of chunckage? Smegma.
  • Sparkling water.
  • Dig’em and Kool – Aide spunk?
  • 5 minutes of 5 bad beers.
  • The Wife Whisperer.
  • Clarke’s beer beeped us in the mouth?
  • Uterus theft.
  • Knox county, Illinois is fattest in the state!
  • Risking our lives crossing an interstate bridge. SUV’s caused Minneapolis bridge colapse.
  • Bono throwing the money lenders out of the temple. Chad, the country… Not the forum member.
  • Clarkes hard cider.
  • Skidoo, thats Canadian for Snow Mobile.
  • Moose farts contribute to global warming.
  • CHUD drinks from the dump bucket! Will AB heave?
  • Little known IPA facts. The Chinese Straits!
  • Apology for the brewers on tonight’s show.

Download this wickedly bad show here: http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebeerreport/TBR36.mp3

Intro theme song from Too Much Joy, visit www.sayhername.com for more great music.

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