Episode 34 – The "Filler" show

We tried to make this one short… A cloud was hanging over the studio for the recording of show 34… We are lucky CHUD got out of this one alive! If you make it to minute 40, be prepared to feel that uncomfortable relationship humor that we all love. I was gonna call this one “Roid Rage”, but may have been a little tacky for EVEN us!

Beers on the show: Michelob Bavarian Wheat, O’Fallon Oak Aged Smoked Porter.

Big Brother beer on the show? Yeah, and it was not that bad! Check some out for yourselves… I know its on shelves across the USA.

Subjects of interest:

  1. Head retention?
  2. CHUD is the topic of conversation at other Podcasts. http://www.beersafari.com/
  3. Keith & the Girl, Wing’n It pool party, and other podcasts.
  4. Watching porn on your iPod.
  5. What AB sees in her microphone.
  6. Contest results!
  7. Margaret saves some entries.
  8. Eddie’s rant on dirty pubic toilets. Eddie… Email us!!!
  9. Guinness neon light.
  10. WWF murder. Steroids. Barry Bonds. Football.
  11. Our show sucks… Listen to Dude Night! This ep is “filler”
  12. CHUD has pissed off AB, and she knows there are other Brew-casters out their available!
  13. Good Beer Show theme song by Mickie Mason… Killer!

Special thanks to Dave Johnson at O’Fallon for the bottle of Smoked Porter.

CHUD picked up the Bavarian Wheat at an unknown gas station between Bloomington and Pekin.

Download some “Filler”: http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebeerreport/TBR34.mp3

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