Episode 29 – Corporate Shills

Its another weeknight edition of the show… When is CHUD going to get some decent days off???

This show brings us free beer! Free Beer? Yeah, from the factory even! OK, we sprang for one… But from what we tasted… Free beer seems to taste better. Imagine that! For this reason… This is a long bloated show… Bloated with beer and other nonsense. The apologies section is long… And Groucho is in a mood that none of us recognize!

Beers on the show: Springboard Ale by New Belgium Brewing, Super Duper Dog by Lucky Labrodor Brewery, Lagunitas IPA, Stoudts Double IPA.

Topics of conversation:

  • Colorado… In a nutshell
  • The Absinthe of beer?
  • CHUD’s apologies – Berkley Students, Goose Island, Vampires, Indigo Children.
  • Furnace noise.
  • Groucho’s apologies – Goose Island, our listeners for show 28, Exploiting the homeless, Nipples and Nuts, Keelhauler.
  • Springboard and corporate pimping. (26:00 minutes in for corporate people who dont want to listen to our nonsense)
  • Other beer shows.
  • 138 ibu beer!
  • Pacific Brew News
  • Hop Perfume
  • The Beer Report Challenge… Any other brewers have a better hopped up beer than this Super Duper Dog? Prove it!
  • Too Much Joy concert in NYC on May 5th.
  • “Even the Queen”.
  • More Too Much Joy sing-alongs. “Bad Dog”
  • Native Americans.
  • American Brew Styles should be marked.
  • Imported Beers at the store.

Most beers on the show were not purchased! Wow! Thanks to New Belgium Brewery for the Springboard. Teewinks for the Lucky Labrodor Super Duper Dog (Seek it out). Thanks to Bubby for the Stoudts Double IPA!

Lagunitas IPA purchased at Broadway Liqours in Pekin IL. Remember… Buy fresh, buy local!

Download this “shoulda been cut down to 30 minutes” show here.

Links: www.luckylab.comwww.sayhername.comwww.beersafari.com

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