Da Bears & Da Beers – The Super Duper Bowl postshow

Football geeks? We are full of suprises! After all, it was the Chicago Bears in the big game. We had an interest in seeing how the end of the season played out!

XLI is all over now, but we had some opinions about the NFL and how the Bears performed. Join us for a show that was definitely NOT allowed a press pass! Who did the Bears play?

Beers on the show: Wychwood Wychcraft, Penn Brewery’s St. Nick, Troegg’s Mad Elf.

  • Bears coverage.
  • Wychraft is like the Rex Grossman of import beer.
  • AM670 the Score and the biased coverage.
  • Carson Palmer and how he studies.
  • Hispanic and Chinese representation in the NFL or the NBA.
  • Martial Arts position players.
  • NFL Ninjas.
  • www.ShouldIdrinkthat.com
  • Miniature Mike Ditka with one arm behind his back…
  • Brian Grease.
  • Santa’s secret workforce.
  • Midgets – Festive happy people???
  • Detroit Lions??? CHUD’s inner love for all coaches related to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • The ULTIMATE cold weather team.
  • Viking exploitation. Its time to end it.

Wychwood on the show purchased at Broadway Liquors in Pekin IL. Mad Elf was a gift from Bubby, and St. Nick was from Sickpuppy! Thanks!

Click here to access this Chicago heavy beercast!

Check out Bubby’s show at: http://braingravy.libsyn.com/

Check out Sickpuppy’s awesome chugcast at http://shouldidrinkthat.com/

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