TBR Video Special – The Peoria Homebrewer Bus Trip

We are not homebrewers and we are not from Peoria… But they let us on the bus regardless! Granted, we were at the back of the bus!

Join us for an exciting time in Chicago. Along the way, we hit such famous spots as: The Map Room, Goose Island, The Red Lion, Piece Pizza and Brewery.

Will they have us back? Its hard to say, watch the video, or listen to the audio to find out.

Beers on the show??? Hell, who knows! We had a pile of beers everywhere we went. We tried plenty of Goose Island beer… And we made a noble attempt at the Belgium ales on tap at the Maproom. See if you can count out how many beers made it on the show!

Download the audio version of this audio-video jigsaw puzzle here:

My Veoh Show

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