Episode 20 – Double Drunk Tuesday

A beer review show? What are we doing here? In a moment of weakness, Groucho and CHUD discuss beer for a few minutes at the beginning of the show. Don’t worry, things spiral out of control shortly afterward. Oh yeah, its a weeknight… And we get drunk!

Beers on the show: Clipper City Brewing’s Heavy Seas Series Hop3 IPA, Avery International IPA, Berghoff Hefeweizen, Hogdawg Brewery IPA.

  1. CHUD doesnt like bananas in his beer. The “Jungle Book” of beers.
  2. Craft Beer Radio clip. Jeff and Greg are “metal”?
  3. The worst song ever recorded?
  4. Starchy and Hutch – A difference of opinion.
  5. George Foreman of Beers?
  6. Yeast in beer.
  7. CHUD thinks we have the best message board.
  8. Rummy, where are you?
  9. Cork projectiles… And dropping bottles.

Beers on the show purchased at Super Liquors in Peoria, UFS in Peoria, and gifted by Hogdawg. Thanks!

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One thought on “Episode 20 – Double Drunk Tuesday”

  1. I saw a fat, neckbearded Canadian poet rectie shitty poetry at the Opening Ceremony. Gayest Opening Ceremony of all-time. They did have those hilariously massive scrotum poles, though.It was better than having to see Valentine’s Day.

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