Episode 16 – LIVE at the Peoria International Beer Fest

Taped over 3 and a half hours at the 14th Annual International Brew Fest. Sponsored by the Jaycee’s of ???, Peoria, one would guess. Dont expect a regular show here, this is all just bits of tape that were worth scrapping together.

Groucho and CHUD had over 50 drink tickets between the 2 of them, we could not possibly tape all the beer drunk. (The tape player was an afterthought) Higher profile beers that made it to the tape: Skull Splitter, Left Hand Brewery Sawtooth Ale, O’Fallon Smoked Porter and IPA, Tommy Knocker Russian Imperial Stout.

  1. Vin Deisel at the Beer Fest.
  2. Metal people are drawn to each other.
  3. Barley Wine on Cask with the Eagles.
  4. Public restrooms vs Port-a-Potties.
  5. Glenn LaVeine from the O’Fallon Brewery talks about their Smoked Porter and 5 Day IPA. (Apologies to them for saying O’Fallon Illinois!)
  6. Local brews vs. everyone else.
  7. Finding free tickets off the floor breaks us into song.
  8. CHUD gets a mean streak when loaded and tries to convince Groucho he is a strong man!
  9. Sean McClanananan reviews Tommy Knocker.
  10. The Real Happy Hour Gabcast #40.

We highly recommend going to events like this. They are a great way to find out where to spend your next beer buying buck… But, if we did not have Margaret to drive us home… It would have spelled disaster (Listen to end of show!). Make sure you have a designated driver!!!

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