Episode 14 – Belated St. Patty’s Day & CHUD’s B-Day

A belated St. Patricks day show… Sorry we are late, CHUD had car problems! We make up for lost time and submit our first 1 hour show. Its long and filled with conversation about beer! Imagine that!

Also of note:

  1. Coloring your beer for the holiday.
  2. The International Beer box sampler at Sam’s club.
  3. CHUD’s birthday present from Groucho.
  4. CHUD’s Tat and MySpace.
  5. New contract addendum from Sal and Everclearchannel Communications
  6. Math with the Brewmaster bottle.
  7. The mention of Meth Addicts shoots beer out of CHUD’s nose.
  8. The Illinois Brewing Company in Bloomington – A review.
  9. Toast to The Real Happy Hour‘s latest episode. A story about Egg’s at Wal-Mart after Episode 12.
  10. Dude Night’s Hot Chick March Madness.

Beers on the show, Old Jock, The 2005 Brewmaster from Anheuser Busch, Arrogant Bastard by the Stone Brewery, Old Engine Oil by Harvestoon Brewery.

Old Jock is from Kurt & Estry, The Brewmaster is from Irish, Arrogant Bastard is from the boys at Clarkehead, and Engine Oil was purchased at Friar Tucks in Peoria.

Click Here to Listen to Episode 14

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