Victory for Peoria

Victory for Peoria
Victory for Peoria

Have you tasted Victory lately?

I’m sitting here loving on a Hop Devil tonight and have come to the realization that this is a brewery that most folks around here may have lost track of.  FORTUNATELY FOR US…  Marketplace Selections is bringing them back with fresh stock.

It was also a victory for Groucho that I got a flier from Friar Tuck saying that Victory 6ers are on sale for 7.99.

7.99???  Thats a steal!  Go out and pillage your local store!

Oh, and this Hopdevil…  Wow beer.  Totally rich body…  Lacing (Cause we care about that now) that sticks to the glass like melted marshmallows …  And a hop aroma that will smack you around and make you its slave!

All those are factors you need to consider when looking for an IPA to own you for the evening!

Enjoy!  I am!




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