TBR Halloween 2012

Beer on the show:  Newcastle Werewolf OK…  Lets get a jump on Halloween.  Groucho and CHUD get some festive holiday inspired beer that filled the marketing niche of the moment.  We should have picked up a bottle of True Blood while we were at it! On the show:

  • Lichens?  Moss Monsters?
  • Send us a T-Shirt Newcastle!
  • Election talk.  No good candidates!
  • Rollerderby talk!  Dupage Derby Dames and the McLean County Normal Misfits.
  • Octoberfest is like Christmas creep?
  • Holiday brews.

Beer on the show brought to you by Newcastle!  They sent it to us to give it a try!  Thanks again to Newcastle…  But we would like them more if they sent us SWAG to give away!  

One thought on “TBR Halloween 2012”

  1. Nice interview and well said. I think the more women who can be idtuonrced to good beer the more choices they will have for a great beverage they can enjoy. Looking forward to seeing how your homebrew turns out.

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