TBR 55 – Leave your mark

Sponsor Update! Sudden Impact Paintball, Funks Grove Il.

Beer on the show: New Galarus DIPA, New Galarus Black IPA, New Galaurs Golden Ale 2009.

On the show:

  • Chud gets the beer this week???
  • Sudden Impact Paintball pluggin.
  • Proper glassware
  • Ep 11, a little throwback in the podcast feed.   What gives?
  • Re-Waking Reggie?
  • The new Apple/iTunes podcast ap.  Listen to our newest review!
  • Green Certified???
  • What is the value of the iTunes podcast ap if it does not show the reviews?
  • Who makes Apples server farms?  IBM?  Icloud is probably made of Dell Computers.
  • Steve Jobs = Borg Queen?
  • GoneMild?  What kind of screen name is that???  Who would admit that they have gone mild???
  • Wisconsin.  CHUD has not crossed the chedder curtain!
  • Tick #1!
  • Stone Beer night at Kellehers.
  • Groucho had cred for his Stone work shirt similar to a cruddy Iron Maiden T-Shirt.
  • Alice Cooper still rocks?
  • Black IPA writeup is not politically correct?
  • Hop faded or just mellow?
  • July heat is keeping the AC rolling!  Global warming may be real…   Screw Florida!
  • Groucho’s Plutonium Depot?
  • 39.95 Motel 6 in East Peoria…  Thats pretty cheap!  Whats the going rate at the Knights Inn on Interstate 24 though Tennessee?
  • Air Hockey reviews are not a great way to win points with the spouse!
  • Dick Pepper = Stage name?
  • You got cookie!

Intro music, as always, brought to you by the fine folks at www.sayhername.com.  Opening theme song, Drunk and In Love off the Green Eggs and Crack album.


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