TBR 53 – Steam Whistle Punk

Believe it or not, this show started off as a 1 beer episode… It soon turned in a direction that left us no choice to to try and find a beer in Ontario Canada worth the high currency converted price! 

If there is a great beer in Ontario…  We want to know.  We recently tried some New Amsterdam beer and it was good for a European Import equivalent, but it didn’t “show us anything”.   Steam Whistle has a good vibe in downtown Toronto.   The Hockley beers were OK, but that was not enough to make us celebrate.  Those other 2 listed…  Holy smokes…  Some of the worst ever tried on TBR.

Beers on the show:  Steam Whistle Pilsner, Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale, Hockley Black and Tan,  Hockley Dark, Hockley Irish Stout, Well’s IPA, Bell’s Batch 9000

subjects of matter on this Canadian Beer train-wreck:

  • www.thebeerreport.com
  • This show is not generally about beer!
  • Episode Sponsor:  Dick Cheneys Bionic Ticker!
  • Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter and the political “cred” it brings him.
  • Canada bashing.
  • Steam Whistle brewpub and Canadian craftbeer culture.  Baby steps!
  • CHUD:  Steampunk Sucks!  (But he’s never seen Firefly)
  • Danny Glover talk!  This is white hot current! 
  • Groucho is everywhere!
  • This is NOT like any India Pale Ale we have ever had on the show!
  • Steven Hawkings has had kids???
  • Stupidest beer ever drank on The Beer Report?  http://www.keiths.ca/
  • http://www.hockleybeer.ca/  (Look at the Links page!  Its nearly communist!)
  • Brewed by hand???  Really???  Who doesnt say that anymore?
  • What would concentrated darkness pour like?
  • More Alexander Keith hate… 
  • Canada is truely the wasteland of Beer!  Beer laws suck!  LCBO and The Beer Store have Ontario held hostage. 
  • The Beer Store = The Little Ceasars of Beer!
  • Free health care is not worth crappy beer!  Knock-wurst patrol!
  • TBR needs to start a “Free Canada” campaign. 
  • New Amsterdam Brewery came off well on a previous tasting.
  • Peter Steel, porn name or legit metal stud?
  • The smell of Darkness?  Joe Pesci’s trunk?
  • www.craftbeerradio.com did an amazing study about beer and glass serving temps!
  • Apology to Greg at CBR!
  • Liquid Midnight???  Marketing a Soulless beer!
  • Blurred out awards on the Hockley Cans!?!?!?  What are they hiding?  Or making up?
  • Canada, whats up?
  • Unibroue…  The clean white towel surrounded by turds!
  • American Beer rocks out the evening of dreck!
  • Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter???  CHUD has never heard of it!!!
  • Other political characters that can get into the game of killing the undead.
  • Thomas Jefferson, Ghost Hunter.
  • Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson, Zombie Killer!
  • Invest in South America.
  • Archive.org
  • Twitter CHUD:  tbrCHUD
  • Geocities!
  • We leave you with our favorite Canadian export!  Never Surrender Canada!

All beers that are not made in the USA were purchased at an LCBO in Ontario Canada in the August of 2011.   They have been refrigerated and keep cool for the duration that they sat idle.  Show recorded in March 2012.  We don’t care what you say, those beers would not have tasted a whole lot different fresh!

Direct Link to the show: http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebeerreport/TBR_53_Steam_Wistle_Punk.mp3

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  1. Well, since you are going to be so friendly… You are now our favorite brewhouse-brewery-bar place!

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