TBR Special Edition – Finchs Beer


Groucho and CHUD are back! Sorry for the filler material over the past month. 3 new shows will be at your virtual doorstep in the weeks to come!

Beers on the show: Finch’s Beer Cut Throat Pale Ale (www.finchbeer.com) Bell’s Two Hearted (www.bellsbeer.com)

  1. Pangea? What is that label?
  2. What the Hell kind of Pale Ale is this???? Groucho says English. CHUD says its earthy.
  3. What are the Quad City’s kids?
  4. Jim Rome voice?
  5. CHUD has to blow his nose!
  6. “I dont understand you”.
  7. Hop guessing? Orange Peel filler?
  8. Beer tastebuds have changed… We need to try a Hopsickle again.
  9. 2 Brothers quality slide?
  10. Mitt vs Obama? TBR political talk?
  11. Mrs Obama’s nice big ass.
  12. Gary Johson? CHUD makes the case.
  13. Groucho has a whacked out pallette? Bell’s isnt tasting correct?
  14. That Finch logo?
  15. Sports teams with animals for logos can be spruced up as well!
  16. The Miami dolphins? C’mon!
  17. RAPE is a Words with Friends word! Spanish Black Beans are NOT a WWF word!
  18. Never use your phone to check info!
  19. Every good bar should have a book of encylopedias!
  20. Beer fridge probs.
  21. Toast to the Beer Fridge!
  22. Nasty weird Belgians.
  23. Kudo’s!
  24. HGH testing in the NFL?
  25. CHUD’s never seen Sling Blade????
  26. www.thebeerreport.com
  27. CHUD NEEDS TO TWEET!!!! Pressure him!

Beer on the show purchased at Friar Tuck in Bloomington and Peoria IL. They should really kiss our ass for all this free advertising!


2 thoughts on “TBR Special Edition – Finchs Beer”

  1. Great show, guys. I missed listening to you. It was a real treat to listen today while I worked.

    First of all, I respect CHUD for NOT tweeting! He’s the only man left around here. Don’t do it, CHUD! Hold on to your balls. They’re sacred!

    I love that quote “Aren’t all orange peels bitter?” I never thought of that, but he’s right! I’m also confused by the words “Jumbo Shrimp.”

    I hate talking politics anymore. It seems like such a waste of time. We can talk and talk and talk – debate the issues all we like. The end result is that the same bullshit that’s been happening for the last 20 years will continue to happen. And even if we vote – it’s out of our control. We haven’t seen true change in our voting lifetime. I’d rather discuss sports. Even though we can’t control that either, it’s far less depressing.

    That is, unless you live in Cleveland.

    Funny that Groucho kept tasting biscuit flavors in the beers, no matter what he tasted. That happened to me not long ago. Don & I shared a beer (that I won’t name) that had this heavily corn-mash flavor that made the beer taste like Cream Soda. It was absolutely dreadful (and expensive). Three days later, we’re at a drinking hole having a beer and another beer (that I also won’t name) had the very same characteristics. Except that this time, Don couldn’t pick it up like he did with the other one. Seems that once we have a flavor profile locked into our taste buds, it’s hard to shake until you drink something dramatically different.

    This is also one of the reasons why I love tasting new beers. There’s always something unexpected waiting for you.

    The one thing about PEDs that I don’t understand is why they just don’t make them legal in all sports. Look at cycling. Before some genius discovered EPO, cycling was boring to watch. Now you see these little Spanish bastards crushing their way up mountains like a billy goat on coke. That shit is exciting to watch. So his heart bursts in 10 years – so what? That’s the price of being an entertainer.

    Wow, look at me. I have diarrhea of the fingers. I should probably shut up now.

    Thanks for the new show. Keep ‘em coming! I know Groucho said he had three in the can. I thought he meant something else. I’ve been watching a lot of prison movies lately – or dolphin movies, if what CHUD said about them was true.

  2. Dude… I totally love that you listened to this show.

    Not sure where the fanfare is coming from, but you and a few others have said kind words about this one. I think we had a good mix of subjects… Ending with CHUD’s dolphin rape converstations… WTF was that all about???

    And I disagree about the twitter… CHUD can tweet once a month… 40 letter or whatever… Its better than the nothing he is doing now!!!!

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