TBR Special Edition – Pork Slap!

Beers on the show:  Butternuts Pork Slap and Moo Thunder.  Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout.

On the show:

  1. New Rainmakers album is out.  10 years in the making.  CHUD says “If you dont like “Reckoning Day”
  2. Farmhouse???
  3. DOA Beer?  Disappointing craft canned beer?
  4. Made on dates are VERY helpful!
  5. The power of cheesy logo’s and good marketing.
  6. We try the Stout next…  Again…  Weird results.
  7. Dump bucket is getting a workout.
  8. Beer Ninja tactics by the Macros.
  9. Groucho is getting a “heavy thickness in his mouth?”
  10. CHUD has not put down a big buck yet.  Besides an Old Dominion.
  11. Beer and mixers do not work well together.
  12. CHUD’s band finally has a singer???  Nothing to prove it even after the edit.
  13. What are the limitations of eating underdone pork?
  14. The Illinois Craft Beer Bill is a big steaming pile “crafted” by Big Brother Beer*.
  15. DeStihl Champaign opens.  CHUD gives an impromptu review.  Thanks again to Matt Potts.
  16. DeStihl Trippel was rocking.
  17. CHUD needs to write more!!!!
  18. Gumby’s Pizza, Grog’s or Flinger’s Pizza.  CHUD says Flinger’s rocks.
  19. The Beer Report tries to rationalize our review process and what the value of REAL reviews are to the listening public.  There is little reason for us to kiss a breweries *ss. 
  20. Will Old Dominion suck from this point on?
  21. Pork Slap!


 Beers on the show picked up on Groucho’s recent trip to Washington DC…  Purchases made even after being strongly advised against it by friend of the show, Bubby.


The Term “Big Brother Beer” has been stolen with little regard from The Good Beer Show.  www.goodbeershow.com.  All royalties from this show will be forwarded to his Swiss bank account once they are calculated.

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