TBR Episode 52 – Baretree and Rockstars

In Stereo!  Get your headphones cranked for a couple of tunes on this show.  Groucho and Chud touch base on some great performances, play a Mikey Mason song, and let CHUD come unhinged on Charlie Sheen.

Beers on the show:  Two Brothers 2009 Bare Tree Wheat Wine.  www.2brosbrew.com

 On the show:

  1. Episode Sponsor:  Ad from Newcastle Brown ale  www.newcastlebrown.com
  2. The Bear Stick!
  3. Love for Two Brothers Beers. 
  4. Its a numbered Episode! 
  5. Contest is over.  We owe a beer to Swedish Brick for his awesome iTunes review. 
  6. Send us email…  We love doing email shows!
  7. If your beer sucks…  Blend it!
  8. Piers Morgan is hoity toity?
  9. Cool to be unkept?
  10. CHUD dont like Firefly…  Sorry Mikey!  www.mikeymason.com
  11. Guitar comics
  12. The Real Happy Hour returns?  Maybe not???  CHUD recommends a podcast? 
  13. Niel Young’s Freedom conversation turns into love for the Weld double disk.
  14. Why would we not be drinking the 2006 vintage Bare Tree???
  15. Cigar mouth.
  16. Cigarette bashing!
  17. Aerosmith carb loaded…  When did Stephen Tylor get so gay???
  18. Charlie Sheen…  CHUD watches TAHM?
  19. Rock stars are lame now…  Near CHUD rant!

Listen to the show here:   http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebeerreport/TBR_52_-_Baretree__Rockstars.mp3

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